The Monster Eater. Monster tale for children

The Monster Eater. Monster tale for children

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The stories are a basic educational tool for the intellectual development of children. Reading with them entertains them and also gives them messages with values and morals that they can apply in their day to day.

Between the advantages of reading with children They are developing their language, their affective side and social skills. If you want to stimulate the imagination of your little one, we recommend that you do it through monster story for children "The Monster Eater", a beautiful story about a sweet and very nice monster.

This is the story of a very fat and gluttonous monster, who does not like to eat chocolate, cookies, or children ... his favorite food is soup. But we are not talking about just any soup, but about a alphabet soup! He eats it hot for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner.

He ate so much soup that his tummy ached in the end. To relieve the pain, he had to go to the doctor.

-You are so stuffed with lyrics that you have to throw them out somehow. You have to empty that belly, for that I am going to prescribe a letter vomiting syrup- said the doctor.

Letter eater He returned home very worried and sad. I wasn't going to be able to eat alphabet soup for some time at least. As the doctor prescribed, he drank all the syrup and lay on his bed rest.

Every time the monster drank the syrup, the letters came out of his ears, nose, and mouth. While this was happening he began to think about what he could do with all those letters that were coming out. He had to do something useful with them, he couldn't waste them!

After thinking and thinking, he came up with a great idea. Take them to school! There the children could experiment, investigate and play with their letters, surely they would provide them with many knowledge and joys.

Since then every week Comeletras goes to school, shows the children a letter, and tells them a hilarious story. The friendly "A", the "D" is fun, the "M" works wonders ...

The boys and girls are very happy by the monster's visits and excitedly await the adventures of the letters of the alphabet.

The monster continues to eat alphabet soup, he cannot put it down because it is his favorite food, but he also eats many other things. Now she has a well-balanced diet and thanks to that Letter eater is much happier!

Story version "Mordi, the Letter Eater monster" by Cristina Ubierna

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