How to keep children seated in class

How to keep children seated in class

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Many psychological and neurological studies show that all people, whether they are children or adults,can't hold attention for long periods of time.

Most of these studies say that the attention shown continuously by an adult is around a maximum of 20 minutes, while in primary school children the time is around 10 minutes, so it's no wonder that teachers go crazy when they have to get children to sit in class for 50 minutes.

These investigations contemplate, how could it be otherwise, the variability depending on the times, ages, motivations etc ... But, what is clear in all of them, is that maintain attention for a long time, especially in children, it is complicated.

Knowing this premise, I would recommend 3 activities for children to remain seated in class and that can help teachers to keep their students' attention in the classroom:

1- In planning the main part of a normal class of about 30/35 minutes, we should contemplate 3 periods of about ten minutes, more or less, in the development of it, connecting and disconnecting activities, to favor the attention of the students.

2- Between a period of 10 minutes and a period of 10 minutes, it is recommended disconnection: Getting them up from their chairs, doing some short and simple physical exercise, doing a few jumps on the spot, or dancing in a moderate way are physical activities that predisposes the brain for learning. Physical exercise makes the brain easier to learn, apart from generating dopamine which makes the body feel good.

3- At each disconnection tell them about something that catches their attention, but that has nothing to do with the content you are working on. For example, you tell your students to sing you their favorite song, talk about the last trip, or what they think of the Eskimos. All of this provokes positive emotions and benefits motivation, attention and learning. Remember the disconnect no more than 2 or 3 minutes . Something intense and short.

From now on, if you start preparing classes like this, you will notice in your classroom a better climate and your students will be more predisposed to learning, improving their attention and even motivation before your classes.

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