Infallible trick for the baby to leave the pacifier

Infallible trick for the baby to leave the pacifier

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The pacifier removal a a child is always traumatic for the whole family. The child becomes attached to that little instrument of calm and tranquility that has given him so many pleasures since he was born.

The truth is that the continued use of the pacifier causes so many future contraindications, both dental and language, that it is best to remove it from the child's mouth as soon as possible.

Lord of pacifiers It is a good trick for the baby to leave the pacifier with the least possible drama for children and parents, and you will also avoid falling into the temptation to give it to him again when he cries.

1- You must prepare the child for the great event "becoming older". For this you will have to tell him a story: “From time immemorial, a kind old man goes picking up the pacifiers of children who are getting older, to give to younger children. In return, will leave you a gift”. You can decorate the story however you want, there are versions in which it is a goblin who picks up a pacifier, but it always has to be a person, not an animal.

2- You will have to ask a friend or neighbor for a favor, that the child knows little, so that disguise with a white beard and a wig, or elf, and be recognized as little as possible, because he will play the role of the Lord of the pacifiers and if the child recognizes him it will have no effect.

3- Choose the right day, it will be a very special day for him. You must convey hope so that the child wants the lord of the pacifiers to come.

4- Wrap the pacifier in wrapping paper, or in a box, and tell the child say goodbye to him.

5- When the Lord of pacifiers knock on the door let him open it. The lord shall enter and explain that from now on he is getting older and is ready to give up the pacifier, so he takes it to a smaller child. In return he will leave you a gift. It is usually a good idea to leave a small stuffed animal that the child can grab at night to sleep, which will be the most difficult time for the child.

6- When the Lord of the pacifiers takes the pacifier, we will never see him again. That way you won't be tempted to bring it back when the child goes through a crisis and wants his pacifier again.

- The most suitable age is between 12 and 24 monthsAs long as we see that the child is ready.

- You have to be firm at all times, when the pacifier disappears cannot reappear magically.

- Be patient, you will need it to overcome your child's tantrums when he misses the pacifier. Giving up the pacifier is difficult.

- Do not be angry with him, or yell at him, or compare him with others. You should understand and support you As you mature, listen to your fears and sorrows.

- If you can't sleep, try replace the pacifier routine for another routine such as telling a story, singing a lullaby, or giving him a stuffed animal to hold.

If you follow this trick for the baby to leave the pacifier to the letter, your son will abandon the pacifier without great trauma or crying, and you will be proud to grow up.

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