Videos of lullabies for babies with classical music

Videos of lullabies for babies with classical music

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Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin ... classical composers who have left us fabulous melodies. Some relaxing and sweet, like the ones we have selected. From our site we offer you a series of videos of lullabies for babies with classical music, combining a whole hour of classical music with different children's motifs for a crib mobile. Farm animals, fish, fruits ... move smoothly to the rhythm of the musical notes. Impossible not to relax. Use them to put your baby to sleep.

Here are some baby lullabies with classical music for your baby to have happy dreams. Melodies to relax and put your baby to sleep:

1. Debussy's moonlight to put the baby to sleep

Enjoy with the dreamy melodyfrom the famous Claude Debussy's Moonlight, a romantic and sweet composition, performed on the piano, with which your baby will immediately relax. In this case, in addition, some nice marine animals accompany each musical note. A crib mobile made up of a fish, an octopus, a crab, a dolphin, a seahorse and a seal, moving hypnotically to the Debussy melody.

2. Brahms lullaby to put baby to sleep

This is perhaps the most classic melody to put the baby to sleep:Lullaby, by Johannes Brahms. You have probably heard it many times. This Brahms melody is played on the piano, and its sweet notes have a calming effect on babies. In fact, the famous Hamburg composer created this melody for his second son. The mobile that accompanies this lullaby is made up of funny dinosaurs.

3. Schumann's lullaby to put the baby to sleep

This song, Kinderszenen, belongs to the German composerRobert Schumann. Its fun piano notes invite baby to sleep. In addition, the melody is accompanied by a very nice mobile made up of different little birds that sway from one side to the other to the beat of the music.

4. Lullaby with Schubert's Serenade to put the baby to sleep

This soothing melody of Franz schubert It is ideal for relaxing and sleeping the baby. It is one of the most famous melodies of the great Austrian composer, who created it in his last year of life. Its notes, played on piano and with the leading role of a cello, are strung together in a balanced and sweet way, transporting us to a state of calm and peace. Use it with your baby and you will see how little by little it relaxes. In addition, the notes this time are accompanied by the gentle swaying of colorful butterflies and a dragonfly.

5. Lullaby with Offenbach's Barcarole to put the baby to sleep

The Barcarole of Offenbach It is a very popular composition, played on the piano and with very relaxing notes to put the baby to sleep. Use this hour-long lullaby to relax your baby. The melody is accompanied by a mobile with fun means of transport: a car, an airplane, a helicopter ... Try this melody and see if your baby can fall asleep with it.

6. Debussy's Submerged Cathedral lullaby to put the baby to sleep

Again the sweet piano notes of the French composerClaude Debussy they serve as the basis for an excellent lullaby to sleep the baby. Its dreamy composition of 'The Submerged Cathedral' leads the baby to relax deeply. Even more so with the hypnotic movement of the mobile that we have created with the image of our mascot, our beloved Ragged Bear, who swings from one side to the other representing different professions.

7. Bizet's Lullaby for Babies

We offer you a beautiful melody enlivened with a beautiful crib mobile for babies. The sweet flute notes of this composition by 'The doll', by BizetThey seem to rock the serene figures of owls, which move slowly from one side to the other. Enjoy this beautiful music by the French composer and relax your baby with his notes.

8. Erik Satie's lullaby to put baby to sleep

Piano notes have a sedative power on the baby. They relax you and help you sleep. In this case, we have chosen the composition Gymnopédie nº3, by Erik Satie, a slow, smooth composition that invites your baby to sleep. The mobile that accompanies this beautiful and sweet music is made up of some of the children's favorite jungle animals: a panda, a lion, a hippo, a monkey, a crocodile and a giraffe.

9. Jules Massenet's Lullaby for Babies

Deep and emotional. This is the melody of this hour-long lullaby for your baby. One of the most relaxing compositions, which invite meditation, and which is excellent as a lullaby to put the baby to sleep. Use this 'Thai Meditation', by Jules Massenet, to relax and sleep your baby. In addition, the melody is accompanied by some nice fruits that sway to the sound of the notes.

10. Lullaby with Chopin to put the baby to sleep

Use this beautiful melody played on the piano, everything a Chopin classic: Berceuse Op.57 Sweet piano notes accompany the movement of friendly farm animals: a rabbit, a cow, a swan, a dog and a chick. Relax your baby with this hour-long lullaby.

11. Beethoven's lullaby to put the baby to sleep

Who has not ever heard the delicious Beethoven's 'Moonlight'? It is a composition that he dedicated to a 17-year-old girl and that leads us to dream and imagine. Use this popular melody from the great German composer to put your baby to sleep. Also, this time the mobile that accompanies this lullaby is made up of some of the most sympathetic animals in the jungle.

12. Lullaby to put the baby to sleep with Agustín Barrios

Discover the relaxing power of the delicious music of a classical guitar for your baby. In this case, we offer you a full hour of lullaby or lullaby for your baby with the guitar music of the composer Agustín Barrios. The melody is called Julia Florida, and it is a barcarole in D major. Beautiful composition enlivened by a very nice mobile, made up of funny crochet animals: a dog, a cat, a bear, a lion and a giraffe.

13. Lullaby to sleep the baby with music of a waltz

The waltz, that beautiful composition, which can be both serene or more rhythmic. In this case, we offer you a relaxing waltz by the composer Franz Von Vecsey: Valse triste. It is performed on piano by Markus Staab, and the beautiful melody is accompanied by a mobile of elegant wooden horses that slowly rise and fall on a carousel or merry-go-round. Enjoy this serene lullaby or lullaby to put your baby to sleep.

Babies can enjoy a song since they are in the womb. Music produces calming and calming effects, which relax and calm babies, as well as their parents. To sing to your baby you don't need to have a privileged voice. Simply hum a lullaby or lullaby to relax you. Listening to lullabies before bed is very beneficial for a few reasons:

  • Stimulates the affective bond between parents and children. They bring you closer together and foster attachment.
  • It calms the baby, balances his heartbeat and thus improves his mood.
  • Produces the effect of a hug. Nanas convey security and confidence to children
  • Stimulates the development of speech skills in babies. Those who listen to more music will be able to speak more easily.
  • Helps baby develop social and motor skills

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Video: Johannes Brahms - Lullaby (June 2022).


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