Benefits of climbing for children

Benefits of climbing for children

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Children emanate energy. They spend the whole day in continuous activity, either hanging from anywhere or jumping and climbing trees or walls. A fun way to channel that vitality can be by climbing, since with this sport, children combine fun and physical activity in equal parts.

Climbing brings them numerous benefits at different levels: both in the physical aspect, improving physical skills, and in the social, favoring that the children relate to their environment, both social and natural, and psychological, providing them with numerous advantages in the development of their personality . These are the 10 benefits of climbing for children.

1- By combining fun and sport, climbing helps children fight sedentary lifestyle and therefore also childhood obesity.

2- The practice of climbing for children allows to develop greater psychomotor coordination between his eyes, arms and legs.

3- Children who practice climbing improve their laterality and have better knowledge of their body. In addition, this sport improves your agility and balance.

4- Climbing gives children the decision-making development which makes their thinking faster, since they have to anticipate situations that occur and make decisions that allow them to move forward correctly.

5- Helps children to be more independent and overcome their problems by seeking solutions to the obstacles that may arise both in climbing and in life.

6- Climbing helps children to improve and gain confidence in themselves, as they are aware of their progress, favoring their self-esteem, and helping to improve your concentration and attention.

7- Children who practice climbing improve their flexibility and resistance.

8- Being a very dynamic activity, climbing allows children to fight stress, nervousness and excess energy, favoring your relaxation.

9- Climbing is practiced in a group so it also favors children on a social level, promoting cooperation and trust between colleagues.

10- Although climbing can be practiced in closed environments such as climbing walls in pavilions or enclosures, it is usual to practice this sport in nature, which encourages children to have contact with their environment and learn to respect the environment.

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