Beware of the baby at the airport

Beware of the baby at the airport

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What sad news we hear from accidents with babies at airports! That of the five-month-old baby who has died on a conveyor belt at the Alicante airport, Spain, is exasperating. An accident that has occurred due to an oversight by the child's parents. These situations remind me of the nerves I had when I was going on a plane trip with my young daughter. There were so many things to carry in my hand: my purse, her bag and her stroller, the documents, the ticket ... and that's not to mention having my little girl always in my arms. She was always very close to me, always. What anguish these parents must experience. No wonder they need psychological help.

One can never know what can happen in an airport, much less with a baby. With my daughter we have had it all, flight delays, rush, crowds, queues, hunger, boredom ... And what an ordeal to change her diaper! As I always took her on all the plane trips that she made since she was a month old, I made up everything to keep my little girl satisfied and in control. Therefore, I recommend a couple of tips, based on my experience.

1- Always carry him close to you. You can use a baby carrier, there are a thousand ways to carry it close to your body, with a baby carrier, or tied with scarves, or other models of carrying for babies.

2- In your walking bag you cannot miss diapers and changing table, light food, sanitary napkins, and some toys to distract the baby while they have to wait for boarding time.

3- It cannot be forgotten that parents accompanied by minors have priority to board and to pass the security controls.

4- Keep the baby well ventilated. Neither with much nor with little clothes so that he feels comfortable.

5- At the airport, the baby and his safety come first. If your baby is crawling, find a separate space away from the crowd so he can move around a bit. If he's still not walking, put him in his chair a few times. And if you are already taking your first steps, be very careful and vigilant at all times.

And finally, don't panic! Setbacks as well as misfortunes pass, although they leave us with a bad taste in our mouths.

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