The best Mexican children's songs

The best Mexican children's songs

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Who does not remember the classic songs that accompanied our childhood? Popular children's songs are always there and are transmitted year after year to the new generations. Why not share these wonderful melodies with the little ones? Surely when children grow up, they will remember them with special affection just as we do now.

This time we show you a selection of Mexican children's songs most popular, and loved by parents and children. Pretty melodies that provide the little ones with multiple benefits such as development, intellectual, auditory, sensory, as well as psychomotor skills. Do you see all the benefits that music brings to children? You too give them the opportunity to learn and enjoy these beautiful songs You dare?

Acitrón of a fandango. Mexican songs for children

Acitrón de una fandango, is a song with which the little ones can play to hold hands, form a circle and sing its funny lyrics. A happy rhythm tune for children to get together with friends and enjoy an educational activity. Sing this easy-to-learn Mexican nursery rhyme with your children.

Mexican children's song: To the viper of the sea

To the viper of the sea is a classic of classics among Mexican songs for children; even today adults also sing it at weddings. It is also accompanied by a traditional game where the participants form a line and pass through a "human bow", made by two people holding hands.

Three little fish. Mexican song for children

If your little one is learning to count, this song is perfect for reviewing the numbers. Especially for younger children it is a fun melody that leaves them with positive learning. Enjoy with your children singing to the beat of a happy musical piece, which tells us about three very nice little fish.

Mexican children's song. San Serafin del Monte

San Serafín del Monte, San Serafín, what will I do? ... learn this beautiful nursery rhyme to sing with your children. A classic melody that will motivate children to do a recreational activity, full of rhythm and fun. A melody that you can accompany with a simple choreography, moving hands and feet and the waist too!

Mexican song for children: An old rat

Surely you will remember this classic nursery rhyme that tells us about a little rat that badly ironing its tail burns. A very nice melody and very easy to learn. If your little one likes children's music, this is an excellent option to sing and dance with them. Fun is assured!

Learn the Mexican children's song Sweet Orange

A very sweet song as its title says. A happy melody to transmit to children, and give them unforgettable memories of their childhood. We propose you this beautiful song to dance, without a doubt one of the favorites of parents and one of the most loved by children.

The Guadalupana. Mexican song to the Virgin of Guadalupe

A popular song for children, commonly used in religious events such as the one on December 12, the date on which the Virgin of Guadalupe is celebrated. It is a traditional religious melody, with beautiful lyrics that tells us about the appearance of the Virgin Mary on the Tepeyac hill, before the Mexican indigenous Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin.

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