The Mongolian baby spot what is it?

The Mongolian baby spot what is it?

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Themongolian baby spot,it is very common among newborns and a very common concern among parents.

The truth ismore common than it seems and it tends to scare parents a lot because of its great length. Its appearance is that of a large bruise that parents usually associate with the moment of birth but that has nothing to do with it.

The first thing to know is that the baby's Mongolian spotit is not associated with any type of pathologyThey are not cancerous, and they are not related to Down Syndrome either.

Interestingly, it is called a Mongolian spot because most of the Mongolian children, they have it.

It is usually more common in dark-skinned babies, and it really is of no medical importance.

It does not always appear at birth, but it is also common for it to come out duringfirst weeks of life. The reason for its appearance is due to aset of melanocytes present in the deeper layers of the skin. Melanocytes are cells that provide color to the skin and, in this case, give abluish-gray color quite striking that at first glance it may seem like a bruise.

Parents often sound the alarm when they see it, and it is normal for them to worry, since theMongolian stain, in general, it measures between 2 and 8 cm, and even more, which can reachoccupy a large area of the baby's back, or the buttocks, although it is not surprising that it also appears in other areas such as the extremities.

- They are blue-gray in color

- They do not have relief, but it is flat

- Its edges are irregular and poorly defined

- They are larger than 2 cm

The most relevant thing is to know that the Mongolian stainit's not important and that, normally,disappears after a few years, and in most cases, before reaching adolescence.

In any case, it is always convenient to have a pediatrician observe it. No special exam is necessary to diagnose it, but it helps tosee the specialist, since there are some cases in which there are many stains, or aexcessively prominent stain, which may signify an underlying disorder, such as ametabolic problem called Glandiosidosis.

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