Play badge. Traditional children's activity

Play badge. Traditional children's activity

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Imagination is one of the most valuable qualities of children, hence the traditional children's games have a large percentage of imagination to make up for the lack of financial resources.

One of the cheapest and most fun hobbies for kids is play badge. All you need to do is collect a few glass bottle caps and let your imagination run wild.

As we indicated at the beginning, to play badge it is only necessary to gather the metal sheets from glass containers or bottles. Once we have several plates, we can decorate your interior with various motifs. Formerly, the best known badges were those decorated with the faces of cyclists, if they were to play races, or with the names and colors of soccer teams if they were to play soccer championships-badges.

Like any great imaginative game, playing tag hasvarious variants that we tell you next:

- Badge races. To play plate racing, a racing circuit with its different curves and obstacles was drawn in the sand. During the summer it was very common to see children imitate the cycling races most important with their plates. The circuits are often full of traps to make the race difficult, so you have to have a great mastery to be able to complete it first. If one of the plates leaves the circuit, the player must go back to the previous obstacle.

- Soccer badges. In addition to cycling races, football also has its place in the fantastic world of badges. Each child formed a team with 11 badges decorating its interior with the colors and names of your favorite players. The field was drawn in the sand and a chickpea was used as a ball. At present, the football-badge has been modernized and even there are semi-professional tournaments where hundreds of adults come to compete and remember their childhood times.

- Play draw. But not only sport had its place in the world of badges, there are also other types of games such as 'take out'. The rules consist of drawing a circle inside which each player places one of his badges. The first to start must launch another plate from a marked starting line, with the aim of take another plate out of the circle. If he succeeds, he keeps his opponent's plate and shoots again. If he fails, he loses his turn to roll.

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