Mexican children's song: To the viper of the sea

Mexican children's song: To the viper of the sea

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To the viper of the sea is a Mexican children's song, which has been passed down from generation to generation, which has led it to be among the favorite musical pieces of children.

To accompany this song There is a traditional game, where the children must form a row, one after the other holding each other by the waist, this row begins to walk and must pass under the arms extended upwards of two children who are holding hands, which form a kind of arc. As the little ones pass under the arch, they will sing and increase their speed as they walk, the children who separate from the line must leave the game.

Show the little ones the lyrics of this funny song and enjoy with them dancing and singing To the viper, viper of the sea!

To the viper, viper, of the sea, of the sea,

through here they can pass.

Those in front run a lot and those in the back will stay,

after, after, after, traaas.

A Mexican who sold fruits,

plum, apricot, melon or watermelon.

A Mexican who sold fruits,

Plum, apricot, melon or watermelon.

Verbena, verbena, Matatena garden.

Verbena, verbena, Matatena garden.

Golden bell, let me pass

with all my children, except the one in the back,

after, after, after, after

It will be melon, it will be watermelon, it will be the old woman from the other day,

day, day, day, day

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