Why do children wet the bed?

Why do children wet the bed?

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Understanding why some children pee on themselves when they are sleeping and in bed seems easy and straightforward, but it is not always so for parents who have to get up every night to change the sheets on their child's bed with enuresis.

It is a situation that really takes away their sleep and the desire to go back to sleep. Worse than what parents feel is what the child who keeps wetting the bed feels. Both he and his parents do not know why the problem continues.

At first, the parents attribute the problem to the fact that the child is young and has not yet matured urinary incontinence, but time passes and nothing changes. The child continues to wet the bed, night after night, and there are even cases that the situation does not reverse even when he begins adolescence. Normally, children who wet the bed as young are able to stop over time.

However, many older people continue to do so. And although parents do not understand, they almost never wet the bed when laying, neither for pleasure, nor to annoy or annoy parents, nor because they are lazy ... The problem of wetting children's beds does not represent a mental problem nor learning. It is, for the most part, a physical problem, and in some cases, a psychological one.

According to specialists, the older child may wet the bed or suffer from enuresis, for some reasons:

- When they cannot wake up when they have a full bladder;

- When they produce much more urine while sleeping than other children;

- When the bladder of some children have less capacity than that of others;

- When they went through or are going through a situation that altered or alters their emotional side.

It is very important to find the cause of the child wetting the bed. It is important for the family and especially for him. Scolding or punishing him for peeing on the bed is not a correct solution. That would only make the problem worse, and add other discomforts to what the child already has.

It could cause serious emotional problems for your self-esteem and security. The best thing in these cases is to seek medical help from a specialist, a urologist, as soon as possible. It is necessary to know that this is a problem that can be overcome and totally solved.

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