5 short Chinese fables for kids

5 short Chinese fables for kids

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China is an incredible source of traditions, one of them is fables. Although Aesop and LaFontaine are two of the best known fabulists, in 4th century BC China. C. already circulated these stories with moral.

These oriental fables to read to children are an ideal resource to educate them in values ​​and transmit the wisdom that can only be learned with experience and the passage of time. Know these beautiful short Chinese fables for children with moralThey are stories that convey great teaching to children.

Suspicion, an oriental fable for children

A man lost his ax and became suspicious of his neighbor's son.

He watched the boy's walk, exactly like a thief.

He watched the young man's expression, exactly like a thief

He watched the way he spoke, exactly like a thief

All his gestures and actions denounced him guilty of theft. However, he later found his ax in a valley. And later, when he saw his neighbor's son again, all the boy's gestures and actions seemed very different from those of a thief.

Moral: appearances can be deceiving, do not trust the first impression.

The felled tree, Chinese fables for children

A man had a dry tree that he could not bring himself to throw down.

"Keeping a tree dry brings bad luck," said his neighbor, not without malice.

The man guided by the warning cut down the tree and just when he had felled it, the neighbor came asking him for wood for the fire.

"He wanted firewood! That's why he asked me to cut down my tree, despite being neighbors he has deceived me," the man lamented.

MoralBe careful who comes to take advantage of us.

The art of slaying dragons, short oriental fables for children

Zhu Pingman went on a trip to Zhili Yi to learn how to kill dragons. He studied for three long years and spent most of his fortune to get to know the subject thoroughly.

When he returned to his land there were so few dratons that Zhu could not find a place to practice his art.

Moral: time must be used wisely and practically.

The man who saw no one, short Chinese fables for children

There once was a man in the Qi Realm who was thirsty for gold. One morning he dressed elegantly and went to the square. As soon as he reached the gold merchant's stand, he seized a piece and slipped away.

Guardians of the kingdom came after him and managed to catch him.

- Why did I steal the gold in the presence of so many people?

- When I took the gold, I didn't see anyone. I saw nothing but gold.

Moral: Greed is not a good advisor when making decisions.

The son of the swimmer, Chinese fable for children

A man was walking along the riverbank when he saw someone who was about to throw a small child into the water. The boy screamed, terrified.

- Why do you want to throw that child into the river? Asked the passerby in alarm.

- His father is a good swimmer - replied the man without twisting his face.

Moral: It cannot be concluded that the son of a good swimmer should know how to swim. Talents are not inherited.

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