10 arabic names for girls

10 arabic names for girls

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There are families that are very clear about it, but others find it more difficult to choose the baby's name due to the number of options there are. The idea is to find a nice name that fits with the baby's personality and for this, nothing better than knowing the origin and meaning of each name.

The names of Arabic origin for girls are names with very attractive meanings and with a special musicality that fills them with charm. This is our list of 10 arabic names for girls where you will surely find the ideal name for your baby.

1. Samira. It is one of the prettiest Arabic names for girls and means 'friend of the night'. Its popularity has spread all over the world and we find it a very sweet and familiar name.

2. Laila. This name of Arabic origin is one of the most popular and we love it because it exudes sweetness and charisma. It means 'night' and it is not uncommon to see it on the lists of frequent names for girls.

3. Yasmina. With one of the most beautiful meanings, 'jasmine'We like this name of flowers because it comes full of strength and charisma. Without losing originality, it is a well-known and very attractive name.

4. Fatima. This name is very popular in the Hispanic world and means 'only'. With a special charisma and backed by tradition, it is one of those names capable of reinforcing the personality of your girl.

5. Salma. It is a name of Arabic origin that 'Calm down' and that is known all over the world. It exudes charm and seduction and its simplicity makes it a safe bet for your girl.

6. Amina. The name means 'sincere', quite a declaration of intentions for your girl. We like it because it is a sweet name capable of seducing with its musicality.

7. Dunia. It is another of the most widespread Arabic names throughout the world and means 'lady of the world'. It is liked for its simplicity and because it maintains a touch of freshness and originality.

8. Zaida. With medieval airs, this Arabic name means 'the one that grows'. It has so much strength that it has not lost freshness despite its use and it has all the requirements of charisma and personality to be the ideal name.

9. Aida. The name means 'the one who returns' and it is one of those Arabic names that have spread around the world to become frequent. It is a simple but forceful name ideal for your girl.

10. Altair. This name means 'fly' and it is a unisex name that works for both girls and boys. It is most attractive both for its musicality and its meaning.

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