The right of girls to wear pants to school

The right of girls to wear pants to school

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Recently, several countries, including Spain, have won several fighting classic school uniform in which girls must wear a skirt and boys pants.

The right of girls to wear pants to school It implies being the same as their peers in everything that differentiates them socially, such as wearing a skirt out of obligation.

When I was little, that was about 30 years ago, I was lucky enough to go to a school where there was no uniform. I could wear pants every day of the week, throw myself on the patio floor unceremoniously, jump and kick balls, just like any other kid in school.

I was not different from boys and did not wonder if go to school with a skirt or pants because it was very clear to him: eThe pants allowed me to do much more than the skirt.

My classmates from the school next door were not doing so well. Their uniform included a skirt that forced them to have to be more quiet or play quiet games if they did not want to be the target of the girls. prying eyes of children.

It seems incredible that, after 30 years and a perpetual struggle by women for equality, education, supposed cornerstone of the social future of our children, continue anchored in the 19th century.

Of course, if we look back we can see that the control of women through clothing dates back to Greek times, always low claiming justifications of the most varied: religion, politics, obscenity, excessive luxury…. As early as the 7th century BC, women were forbidden to wear golden dresses, while in Rome it was forbidden to use purple in dresses, reserved only for senators and upper classes.

The trousers were considered in ancient times a garment for barbarians before they its use spread throughout the West, though only among men. It wasn't until the 19th century, when the first women entered some more physical jobs, that the pants became a symbol of the fight for equality between men and women, although, even today, there are women who are imprisoned for daring to wear pants in public.

Children do not see differences between the different sexes if we adults did not mark them constantly. An example of this is the video that circulates on the networks in which several girls and boys of about 7 years are asked to "run like a girl", none of them know what the phrase refers to, and what they do is run in a natural way.

Society continues to push girls to behave differently that children, and the skirt is an instrument for it; This is how we teach that girls should be beautiful rather than happy, that they be fine, calm and correct in their body positions.

At present, in some schools, the option is given for girls to choose between skirt and pants In the uniform, however, what is really demanded by the institutions that defend equality is not the option to choose, but a single unisex uniform that does not differentiate between the sexes. The right of girls to wear trousers to school includes that the priority must be that our children are comfortable above beauty.

It is curious to observe how when schools that give girls the option to choose between skirts and pants, most girls continue to choose skirts, but the reason is clear: young boys prefer to feel integrated in the group and not get out of it. established standards. However, if those same girls are given a choice between skirt and pants when going to the park to play or ride a bike, almost all choose a pants.

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