Tips for choosing the name of twins

Tips for choosing the name of twins

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It is still a complicated task to choose the name of the baby. So when twins are what you expect, the difficulty is doubled. The choice of the name of the twins should always be done thinking about their own personality individually, although the temptation to put complementary names is great.

- The names of the two twin girls must harmonize, but that does not imply that they have the same ending or the same beginning, because it could take away their personality.

- It is convenient avoid names with the same meaning, like Blanca and Alba, for example, and also names of the same theme, like the names of flowers. Putting the twins Rosa and Violeta can promote teasing between children.

- The compound names They are always a good resource, but it is not advisable to choose a compound name for one of the twins and a simple name for the other, because it could cause jealousy.

- Some parents prefer strange but beautiful names for their girls, leaving aside the traditional. If so, make sure both girls have curious names, to achieve the balance between them.

- Before making the final decision, play out loud with the names that you have chosen, changing the order checking that they work both together and separately. If you like how they sound, you have already decided on the name of your twin girls.

We collect some examples of names for twins that we liked for their naturalness and because they respect the individuality of each girl.

- Patricia and Beatriz. These two names for girls share the same Latin origin and an elegant and distinguished flavor that is perfect for twins. Although they are traditional names, they have not lost freshness and are still very current.

- Esther and Raquel. Both names have in common their Hebrew origin and their biblical tradition, but they maintain their independence in terms of meaning. They are simple, familiar and charming names.

- Judith and Naomi. Again two names of Hebrew origin belonging to characters from the Bible. They are names that enhance the delicacy of girls, musical and with great force.

- Julia and Claudia. They are two names for girls of Latin origin and belonging to the same tradition of ancient Rome. They stand out for their elegance and for being modern and fresh despite their long tradition.

- Alejandra and Barbara. These two names share their Greek origin and a similar extension. They belong to that type of long name that provide a plus of sophistication, so they will be the perfect names for twins.

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