8 advantages of the Mediterranean diet for children

8 advantages of the Mediterranean diet for children

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The Mediterranean diet is the diet that is traditionally consumed in all countries with Mediterranean coasts. Obviously, from one country to another, it may seem that the diet varies a lot, but the reality is that, in essence, the base is the same.

This diet, or rather, lifestyle, is based on the use of olive oil as the main fat, the use of garlic and aromatic herbs to season dishes and the use of stews that combine many ingredients. We tell you what this type of diet consists of and what are the main benefits of the Mediterranean diet for children.

It is mainly based on the use of olive oil, garlic and herbs to season the recipes. Advocates for an abundant consumption of vegetable products, accompanied by lean meats, fish, and eggs.

As a fundamental drink during meals, water, although milk and dairy have an important role outside of these. Seasonal foods are mainly used in their natural and very fresh state, especially fruits and vegetables, and among the most used cooking methods are cooking, boiling and baking, since they do not add extra fat and protect vitamins and minerals from food.

Unfortunately, the Mediterranean diet for children is being distorted due to lack of time when cooking and the need to plan in advance to carry it out, but, if we go back to our roots, with this varied, complete and balanced diet , we will make our children aware of the importance of following healthy eating habits from a young age.

In addition to the fact that this diet is healthy, the traditional Mediterranean lifestyle has many advantages for our children:

- This lifestyle that advocates socializing around the table, highlighting the importance of food in the day to day of the family.

- Children easily get used to eating everything, since the Mediterranean diet promotes variety.

- What's more, protects against overweight, encouraging the establishment of very healthy habits such as eating slowly and practicing physical exercise daily. There is nothing better than teaching our children to flee from a sedentary lifestyle from childhood to consolidate this habit for adulthood.

- The body works better, since it has, practically daily, all the essential nutrients, something that helps to maintain weight since it does not enhance the accumulation of nutrients.

- Some studies also suggest that children who follow the Mediterranean diet are healthier, suffering from fewer respiratory illnesses and fewer allergies.

- Is a very low cholesterol diet, with a large amount of antioxidant substances, many of them from olive oil, which protect cells against aging.

- It is also low in salt, so it protects the heart and helps against hypertension.

- In addition, thanks to the use of complex carbohydrates, it is also beneficial for diabetic children, since these help to normalize the level of glucose in the blood.

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