Day of the Death. Mexican story for children

Day of the Death. Mexican story for children

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We show you the Mexican story for children entitled "The Day of the Dead." The main characters in this story are small children who go to their grandmother's house, who tells them stories full of magic and tradition that involve the various customs carried out during the day of the dead. offers us a very original story, by the Colombian writer Ivar Da Coll, where children will learn about the cultural identity of the Mexican people, as well as the folklore that is lived during one of the most important festivals in Mexico. We invite you to read together with your children This beautiful story! Are you going to miss it?

Every November that comes, Grandma brings us as always, stories, surprises. Chopped papers with a thousand skulls. Sweetened pink bread and strawberry atole. And huge bunches of flowers from the dead. Some comales, tortillas, avocado, cobalt, ... also chocolates. Oranges, bananas ...

Later, sitting next to the grandmother, we all listen to her skulls, which tell the life of skeletons and their tales of the dead make us laugh. In a cemetery an orchestra played because all the dead were partying. The ladies in skirts, the men in black, wore a tie with a jacket and hat.

The orchestra played guarachas, boleros, rancheras and dances with a rumbero rhythm. Two dead danced a sad bolero but they got tangled up in their skeletons. The dead fly up to the sky. Could it be that clouds are made of bones? The afternoon ends, he takes the verses, he feels the perfume of incense in the air.

The sails draw on the pavement roads that cross to cemeteries. With music and flowers and food, in many pantheons there is a feast of the dead. The grandmother will come with all her stories and will make a new altar for the Day of the Dead.

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