The corn test to see if your child has a healthy gut

The corn test to see if your child has a healthy gut

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Mealtime rush, travel, nervousness, poor eating habits, and unhealthy meals can visibly alter the child's good intestinal transit favoring intestinal diseases.

Diarrhea, constipation or stomach pain are some of the symptoms that indicate that your child's intestine is somewhat churning. It is important to see if your child has a healthy intestine, since the intestine is in charge of extracting nutrients of foods that are then absorbed by the body, and from that growth depends and the general health of your child.

Digestion begins the moment we put food in the mouth and chew it, that's where the nutrient absorption. Later, the stomach will do a more thorough job with the food by grinding it, and then passing to the small intestine, which will absorb the nutrients it can before concluding its great journey through the body in the large intestine. Finally, the colon will expel food waste that the body does not want. This whole process can last from 12 to 14 hours to several days, depending on how fast and healthy the child's intestine is.

The accumulation of waste in the intestine, meal after meal, especially when the meals are fatty, or when we eat too much meat, or when we barely ingest fiber, obstruct the intestinal transit causing episodes of constipation in the child that can be worrisome, since the little ones cry and suffer from not being able to go to the bathroom. But they can also cause other ailments such as irritation or inflammation in the intestine.

If you have doubts about how the child's intestine works, you can ask him corn test to see if your child has a healthy intestineand know the result in a few days.

It is very simple. Open a can of sweet corn, and give your child a tablespoon of corn, trying to chew it as little as possible, and even that some grains are swallow whole. Normally you won't have a problem because kids love corn.

If you see that your child is reluctant to eat it, you can put it in a salad and thus disguise its flavor.

Now you just have to wait for your child to go to the bathroom.

You will have to watch their bowel movements in the next few days and see when the corn comes out, as the body tends to eject it whole among the remains of other foods. Depending on the time that has passed since you ingested it until you expelled it, your intestinal health. The sooner the better!

The ideal is between 12 and 14 hours, it is normal for up to 2 days to pass, but if you see that it does not come out until 72 hours or more, it is that your child has a slow intestinal activity. In these cases it is convenient change your eating habits to a healthier diet rich in cereals, fruit, legumes, whole grain products, do not abuse fried and battered ones, give him plenty of water and exercise more to promote intestinal mobility.

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