Children's breakfast on the way back to school

Children's breakfast on the way back to school

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The last blows of the summer give way to the dreaded and long-awaited return to school, and with it, the return to the daily routine for schoolchildren. In the summer, especially if the whole family is on vacation, routines are relaxed, waking time is calmer and breakfast is not usually a problem. However, with the rush and early hours of adjusting to school hours, time is scarce and breakfast becomes a daily battle. How to organize the children's breakfast when they go back to school? We give you some useful tips.

Ideally, a a good breakfast would provide children with approximately 20-25% of their daily caloric needs, in order to restore the body's energy levels, which are at their minimum levels after an overnight fast, in addition to replenishing fluids in a healthy and balanced way. The morning rush to go to school, however, favors the ingestion of an inappropriate breakfast, such as industrial pastries, a quick option but loaded with saturated and hydrogenated fats and cholesterol. What's more, breakfast should contain foods that promote concentration and memory, while providing energy that is released throughout the morning, such as complex carbohydrates.

There are numerous studies that suggest that children's breakfast is essential and advocate forcing the child to leave home with breakfast, even if it is against their will. However, and although a good breakfast can help control weight and maintain cholesterol levels, the important thing is to set an example to establish healthy eating habits in our children.

However, since the truth is that many children skip this meal, let's look at some small suggestions to prevent this from happening. On the way back to school we can put these tips into practice:

- Lack of time and morning rush are the main reason for skipping breakfast. Also, hunger comes later, so they don't feel like eating anything. In both cases, get up a little earlier, and probably go to bed a little earlier too, can help the child to be more open to breakfast. If the moment of breakfast is relaxed, it is enjoyed more and is no longer understood as an obligation.

- Some prefer to take a bun for recess and have it with their friends. If the reason is social, we can remind them that they can play together after lunch, and if it is for the bun, it is convenient to completely discard them from your diet, offering a piece of fruit instead.

- Others say that nothing appeals to them. Breakfast doesn't have to be traditionalIt does not have to be sweet or carry milk, but you can combine various foods, make a sandwich, or even eat the leftovers from the night before.

- Taking care of the line becomes the excuse for not having breakfast in adolescence, although the age at which children begin to worry about their weight is increasingly lower. It is advisable to offer healthy and remind them to eat multiple times, rather than prolonged periods of fasting, is what helps control the line.

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