Tobacco can cause sudden infant death

Tobacco can cause sudden infant death

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There is no doubt that tobacco is bad, not only for the smoker, but also for those around him. A study has just revealed that tobacco can cause sudden infant death, since there is a cause-effect relationship between the mother who smokes during pregnancy and sudden infant death.

The exposure to baby tobacco smoke inside the womb, can alter respiratory responses in the first years of his life. Exposure to extreme heat inside the uterus, either due to high temperatures, wearing too many clothes, or because there is a lack of oxygen is one of the problems causing this child ailment.

To reach this conclusion, researchers from the University of CalgaryIn Alberta, Canada, some pregnant rat pups were exposed to the air in a room, and others to cigarette smoke equivalent to the consumption of a packet per day. The result was that 36% of the offspring exposed to cigarette smoke they couldn't get enough air to breathe, while those of the other group, none of the offspring presented this difficulty. Under hyperthermia (excessive heat), 49% of the first group suffered breathing problems, and only 29% of the second group had this problem.

In the latest studies carried out in lactating babies, it is revealed that tobacco breathed in by children passively, has a great influence on Sudden Infant Death syndrome, and is responsible for 10% of deaths from this cause.

Tobacco smoke can adversely affect the respiratory system of children increasing the risk of asthma, bronchitis, getting bronchiolitis, or having pneumonia. But in addition, the risk in children extends, as in adults, in greater risks in suffering a heart disease in the future, being responsible for early cardiovascular diseases in 75% of cases.

In the case of pregnant babies, it is necessary to remember that the lack of oxygen It can cause stunted growth and weight gain for the baby in its mother's womb. It must not be forgotten that smoking during pregnancy is linked to spontaneous abortion and premature labor.

Smoke, whether breathed in, by the mother or by third parties, is harmful to the baby. Depending on the cases, there are smokers who find it too expensive to quit And the stress this causes can be more damaging to the fetus than tobacco smoke itself; On the other hand, there are also women who have found in pregnancy the necessary impulse to give up tobacco for good.

Whatever the particular case of each one, what should be taken into account are the Harmful Effects Tobacco Has On Babies, both now and in the future, and especially when reading studies like the one tobacco can cause sudden infant death. Smoking is an attitude that compromises everyone's health.

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