3 types of diagrams to help children study

3 types of diagrams to help children study

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Outlines are one of the best tools a child can use when studying. It is a way of ordering and synthesizing information in order to better understand the text and memorize it in a simpler way.

Teachers and pedagogues say that it is an excellent way to establish knowledge and prepare children to face an exam. But how do you make an outline? We propose 3 types of schemes to help children study.

The image shows what a box scheme looks like, but how to apply it?

- First the child must read the text that has to study, has to read understanding the content.

- It mustunderline the most important parts in the textYou can even use multiple colors to highlight what is most important in one and the rest in another.

- The child must choose text keywords, from among those that you have previously underlined.

- We will begin to make the diagram from the largest concept, which will be located at the top of the tree, and from there the other concepts will be broken down.

This type of scheme can be arranged both vertically and horizontally.

A great way to graphically express the main ideas of a text and supporting ideas. Through this scheme the information is represented in a hierarchical way. It is a perfect scheme for children as it improves comprehension and memorization, and it is also that visual memory comes into play.

In this kind of key scheme to help children study, the main idea is represented on the left and from there the rest of the ideas are represented in order of importance, the most important on the left and the most general on the right.

It is one of the most graphic schemes that works best for children. However, if there are many ideas to represent, it falls short. It is convenient to use it when there are few subdivisions.

As the image shows, the information is categorized in columns to be able to do it, the child must first:

- Carry out a comprehensive reading of the text.

- Underline the most prominent and important of the text.

This scheme completes that of keys or the tree. It is usually used to repair in the days before the exam and it is convenient to use it when the contents are already fixed.

To do this, the child has to create columns to categorize the content to study. The information is organized just like in the text of the book, from left to right.

And, a final recommendation: you will have to help the child to make diagrams until he can do them alone, extracting the most important information from the text and organizing it in a tree, column or key diagram like the ones we present to you.

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