Felt necklace. Kids craft

Felt necklace. Kids craft

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On our site we show you a beautifulcraft for children. Create with the little ones in the house afelt necklace very nice and easy to do, with which you can also encourage their creativity and concentration.

If you are looking for your children to make a gift made by themselves, this option is perfect! Will be ablegive it to a friend, her mother or her grandmother. To do it, they only have to follow a few steps, and thus they will be able to create a different and very colorful necklace!


  • 1 Black felt
  • 3 Felts of different colors
  • Pair of scissors
  • Glue gun
  • 1 Chain
  • 1 Clip
  • Silver beads

1- To start take 2 felts, one black and one colored. Thencut into strips of the same size, both in width and length. Then place one strip on top of another and roll them up, leaving the black felt inside.

2- To close your rollcarefully place a drop of silicone hot on the end of the black felt and cut off the excess. Repeat this step with the colored felt.

3- Use the previous technique to make 6 more rolls of the colors of your preference.make another three rolls smaller, only this time it leaves the black felt on the outside.

4- Take one of the small rolls andstick one of your beads with the hot silicone. Be careful to clear the hole in the bead, as you will have to run the chain through it later. Repeat this procedure with another of the small rolls.

5- The next step is to shape your necklace: Place on the table or your work area, all the rolls you made, follow the pattern shown in the photograph below. Do not forget to leave the rolls to which you glued the beads on top. Now that you have formed your necklace, join the rolls together with the hot silicone.

6- Now take your chain and cut it into 2 parts, thentake a thread and pass it through one end of one of your chains, then cross one of the beads on your necklace with the same thread. Tie all the knots necessary to secure the chain tightly and cut the excess thread. Repeat this procedure with the other end of the necklace.

7- Finallytake your paperclip and insert it into one end of the chain, do the same with the other end to close the necklace. And ready! You already have an original felt necklace!

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