Foods to help children beat the cold

Foods to help children beat the cold

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With the end of summer and the arrival of autumn, less pleasant temperatures also appear and the desire to eat hot food increases.

After a cold afternoon playing in the park, it is necessary that our children warm up quickly, and choosing the appropriate lunch or dinner can help us in this regard. Let's see some options of dishes or ingredients that can be taken into account when preparing family menus. They are foods to help children fight the cold.

- The classic soups, broths and consommés They are usually liked by the little ones in the house. Saving the stew broth to add some noodles is not only a way to save time when preparing dinner for the little ones, but they are also an ideal dish for cold days, helping with hydration for children. In addition, these broths, as well as others, of vegetables or chicken can be consumed with rice, something to keep in mind for children intolerant to gluten. Obviously, it is advisable to be careful with the temperature to avoid burns when offering the dish to our children.

- Legumes They are another of the spoon dishes that, because they are consumed hot, are ideal to warm up. Its main advantages are being low in fat and rich in fiber and minerals, in addition to containing proteins of high biological value, especially if they are combined with cereals.

- Foods rich in healthy fats such as blue Fish, including salmon, tuna / bonito, or sardines, it also contains essential fatty acids, the well-known omega 3s, of great benefit to the body. They are foods that help children to fight the cold.

- A poor supply of iron is related to cold hands and feet, so the lean meats, as well as other foods rich in iron (spinach or broccoli, for example) are very important in the winter menu.

- At breakfast time, and to conserve the heat that the body accumulates during the night's rest, porridge or a whole grain cereal consumed with hot milk, they are perfect. What's more, a good glass of hot milk is a classic and quick remedy to warm up, in addition to providing calcium, essential to ensure the growth of our little ones.

- Fruits such as orange or tomatoare rich in vitamins and antioxidants, protecting cells, while banana, rich in B vitamins and magnesium, helps the glands in charge of regulating body temperature.

- Garlic and onion are some of the ingredients that cannot be missing in the diet during the winter months, also having protective components, such as garlic allicin, a natural antibiotic that can help the child's immune system. Ginger also contains protective ingredients for the throat, as well as having expectorant properties, very useful for fighting infections in winter.

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