Dracula: a vampire without fangs. Halloween story for children

Dracula: a vampire without fangs. Halloween story for children

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Reading a story can help children to enter more into the world of children's literature, it can also be a very recreational and educational activity for them. In our site We suggest the Halloween story for children: 'Dracula: a vampire without fangs.' A story about a nice vampire who couldn't eat anything that was red. Do you want to know why? Keep reading!

Once upon a time there was a little vampire named Dracula that he could not eat anything that was red, that is, he could not eat pomegranates, strawberries, watermelons, tomatoes or anything of that color. Instead he and his family ate orange-colored foods, as it was the closest thing to red they could taste.

But you may wonder why they couldn't eat red food? In his family it was strictly forbidden, since years ago his great-grandfather Count Dracula Draculez, had lost his teeth after having bitten a grenade in bad condition. The Draculeles were happy without the color red in their life, although sometimes to avoid temptation, they had to look at pictures of bad red food to avoid a relapse.

One day, on Halloween night the little boy bit into a pumpkin, but as it was not yet ripe, his shiny fangs fell off. Suddenly he realized that the same thing had happened to his entire family! Everyone was sad that they couldn't bite into anything, so Dracula had a brilliant idea; she got a lot of berries and made soup for her whole family. Although his father was upset that his son had disobeyed, he ended up eating the soup thanks to his hunger.

In the end the soup turned out to have magical effects since as soon as everyone finished eating it, they grew healthy and strong fangs, even much prettier than they had before. Little Dracula became the hero of this story! And his whole family ended up thanking him.

The end

1. What custom did Dracula's family have?

2. Why couldn't Dracula eat red foods?

3. What happened to Dracula's teeth when he ate a piece of pumpkin?

4. Why does Dracula become the hero of this story?

5. What else did you like about this story?

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