Halloween children's story. The Headless Horseman

Halloween children's story. The Headless Horseman

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Reading a scary story can be a useful tool for children to face their fears and fears, but not everything necessarily has to be scary, they can also live funny moments. How about enjoying a camping night counting horror stories? Or a party at the house of chilling legends?

For this we share this Halloween children's story 'The headless horseman', share it with your family and friends who has already arrived The hour of terror!

Long ago in a small town a rider used to take walks with his horse. This happened every night and people were surprised, they wondered what a man was doing taking walks so late, it was not usual that he was riding around late in the day.

One night, a storm began to fall, and while strong lightning was heard rumbling in the sky, the rider suddenly disappeared without a trace.

Over the years people forgot about that lonely man, until one day in a similar stormy night, the same cavalcade of that horse and its rider began to be heard again. People waiting to satisfy their curiosity leaned out to see who it was, suddenly they realized that it was the same rider riding his horse, but what they did not know is that they were about to get a surprise!

When a strong lightning struck, it illuminated the rider demonstrating Who had no head! When people were frightened by that terrifying image, they ran to hide in their homes and since then the origin of that headless horseman has not been explained.

Some say it was the spirit of a German soldier, who had fought years ago on American soil against American troops. After being defeated, they say that his head was cut off and after he died far from his country, could never rest in peace, at least not until he found his head again.


1. What happened to the rider one night after a heavy storm?

2. How did they find the rider years after the storm?

3. Why is the Headless Horseman so well known?

4. If you liked this story, tell us if you would change the ending.

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