When the child sees lights or chiribitas

When the child sees lights or chiribitas

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It is normal for many children to see bright lights or chiribitas at some point, although it is not usually worrying if it occurs occasionally, it is advisable to consult an ophthalmologist. There are several pathologies that could come to light when the child sees lights or chiribitas.

In We tell you the possible causes of this curious symptomatology.

It is not uncommon for children to have these kinds of visions on occasion, especially after make an effort, run or play sports, Although it can also appear when you get up quickly from bed or rub your eyes hard.

This pathology is known in medical slang as phosphenes, and since it is very common and does not appear together with continuous pain, we do not usually give it importance, but it should be observed, since sometimes it can reveal a abnormality in the body.

1. By rubbing the eyes hard. When we rub our eyes vigorously we are stimulating the same cells as when you look at a bright light, that is, the photosensitive cells of your eyes. It must be taken into account that the eyes are nothing more than simple optic nerves, an entrance door of the image, and that the real vision is made with the brain. So, when stimulating those nerves with the hands, the brain reacts by seeing little lights, sometimes scattered and sometimes with geometric shapes.

2. Another cause for the child to see little lights or chiribitas is get out of bed quickly or when we are crouched down and we get up suddenly. In these cases, it is not necessary to worry excessively if it is not a very recurrent event, but if it happens every day, or very often, it should be consulted with the pediatrician.

3. When the child has the pressure too low, and the heart is unable to pump blood forcefully to the brain. Then this vision of chiribitas is usually accompanied by dizziness or Headaches and we must take him to the pediatrician without fail.

4. The strong migraines and epilepsies they can also cause this optical effect.

5. If the child sees lights frequently or see flashes of light is important don't downplay it and quickly take him to the ophthalmologist, as these symptoms can reveal a more worrisome disease such as diabetes or a retinal injury.

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