10 things you should have at home before a hurricane hits

10 things you should have at home before a hurricane hits

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Harvey, Irma or José ... hurricanes or tropical storms can be devastating. On some occasions, when a hurricane hits, you can choose two measures: evacuate the area and travel to another place or stay at home with the children. If you opt for this second option, you should take into account some tips.

Write down the list with the 10 things you should have at home before the arrival of the hurricane or storm. We also give you some tips to face it in the best possible way and avoid personal injury.

1. The most important documents and prescriptions of medicines wrapped in plastic so that they do not get wet.

2. Mobile devices with battery. Remember that electricity can go out for hours ... or days. Have all the necessary gadgets charged and spare batteries.

3. Cash. If the electricity goes out, remember that the ATMs will stop working.

4. Battery lanterns and lanterns. By the time the power goes out, have outside sources on hand to illuminate you.

5. First aid kit. Have everything you need to do a first aid cure. Bandages, alcohol, scissors. And also some pain reliever and disinfectants.

6. Plastic garbage bags with ties. They can be useful because they are waterproof and you can use them to store important things and keep them safe from water.

7. Backpack with some clothes and personal items in case of emergency evacuation.

8. Water. About 7 and a half liters per person per day.

9. Canned food, that do not need refrigeration. Always opt for non-perishable foods.

10. Food and medicine for your pet.

In addition to making sure you have everything you need at home to deal with the arrival of the hurricane, dYou must take into account all these security measures to properly protect your family:

- Be sure to that your home has an adequate protection system before strong winds and water. Wall up the windows and secure the door so water can't get in.

- Make an evacuation plan if this would be possible. Have you thought about what to do if for any reason you had to leave the house?

- Find a way to stay informed in case the electricity goes out. For example: there are televisions that work with external batteries. Thus, if the electricity goes out, at least you will have an information channel until the batteries run out.

- Be aware of what happens to your relatives. They can help you.

- Before the hurricane hits, monitor the area where you live. We are not talking about the house, but about the neighborhood ... Are you on a uneven street? Can the water reach your home? In case you have to leave the house ... where is it better to do it? In what direction?

- Obey the authorities if they ask that the houses be vacated, even if you think it is not necessary.

- Have the car ready, with a full tank of gasoline in case you need to use it.

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