The most popular boy names for 2017

The most popular boy names for 2017

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Are you pregnant with a boy who will be born in 2017 and looking for a name for him?There are many ways to choose the most suitable name for your baby. Some dads look for names that have a special meaning, others go for names that are rare, or simply because they are famous names.

Whatever moves you to choose, in We offer you 15 very popular names in Spanish so that you can choose from among them the ideal name for a newborn boy.

We show you some suggestions for naming your little one, also explaining the meaning of each name and specific characteristics such as the day they celebrate their birthday. Get inspired by this list of the most popular boy names in 2017!

Jose: name of Hebrew origin whose meaning is "abundance." A very popular name that has been passed down between generations and that is very versatile to be combined with other names. His name day is celebrated on March 19.

Manuel: the meaning of this name is "God accompanies us" and his name day is on January 1. Jesus of Nazareth was also known as Manuel so this name is closely related to the Bible.

Carlos: as a curious fact this name is very frequent among royal houses. Carlos comes from karl, which means "male". A strong name for children, whose birthday is celebrated on November 4.

John: among the names preferred by the parents is Juan. Its meaning is “compassion for Yahve” and it celebrates its saint on June 24th. Who bears this name is attributed a generous personality and alert intelligence.

Javier: His patron saint is San Francisco Javier and his saint is December 3. It is a beautiful name for the little ones that comes from the word etxe-berri, which means “new house”.

David: It is of Hebrew origin and has a tender meaning: "the one who is loved." If you are looking for a simple but beautiful name, David is the ideal name. His name day is December 29.

Diego: It is a modern name that comes from the Greek didachós, which means "learned." A short name that is easy to remember and pronounce. Its patron is San Diego de Alcalá and its saints are July 25.

Pedro: It is a very cute name of Aramaic origin, which has been in trend among children for years and goes back to the time of Saint Peter, a disciple of Jesus Christ. Its meaning comes from petros: stone and its saints are on June 29.

Santiago: It means "God will reward" and is one of the most current and beautiful names for children. Its saints are July 25 and its meaning is attributed the qualities of vitality and self-confidence.

Samuel: a very good option to name your child, if you are looking for an original name. Its meaning is "to whom God listens" and has a Hebrew origin. Children with this name have a charismatic and witty personality.

Daniel: In both feminine and masculine, Daniel is an ideal name for being short and simple, and of course, one of the favorites among parents. His name day is celebrated July 21 and its meaning is “justice of God.

Nicholas: a name of Greek origin that means "the victory of the people." Saint Nicholas is his saint and his name day is celebrated on December 6. Whoever is so called is associated with an alert and insightful personality.

Fernando: a very popular name of Germanic origin that means “the one who is willful and daring.” Fernando is charismatic and tenacious, defends his ideals and fights for what he believes in.

Frames: celebrates his saint on April 25. Saint Mark the Evangelist is its patron saint and is considered the author of the Gospel of Mark. A beautiful and traditional name for children.

Matthew: a traditional name meaning "where from God." and which is considered a variant of Matías. Mateo has a charismatic personality and is therefore successful in his social relationships. It is a very frequent name and one that is gaining more and more popularity.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a different name for your child, we will show you a list of children's names, which are the opposite of the traditional ones. Using a trendy name to name your child can give him an exotic but beautiful touch, which will make your child stand out from the rest.

Alain: is a name of Gaelic origin that means "noble harmony." It is a current and strong name, and with very good positive energies. According to its meaning, Alaín is a born leader who likes to always have everything under control.

Gael: has a Celtic origin which means "man endowed with generosity." A very popular and perfect name if you are looking to name your child in a very original way. His personality is thoughtful, dreamy and visionary.

Bruno: a name that is becoming increasingly popular with children. It has a Germanic origin and means "Battleship, the squire man". Thanks to the meaning of this name, a careful, thoughtful and sociable personality is associated with it.

Eric: It is a name of Scandinavian origin with a meaning that refers to eternity. This name is strong and ideal for parents looking for different names and that go out of the ordinary.

Dylan: It is of Irish origin and its meaning is "son of the sea". It comes from the result of the union of two terms: dy, which means large, and llanw, which means tide. Sociability, imagination and creativity are traits that define the people who carry this name.

The inspiration to choose a name for your baby can come from even the most unexpected things. Why not take some ideas from characters who have become famous on the big screen? Inspiring films where the protagonists have left their mark on the world of cinema. In Guí We give you some ideas for names for children inspired by movie characters.

Noah: Inspired by the movie Noah's Diary, this name becomes more and more popular every year. It comes from the Hebrew "Noach" and means "rest, comfort."

Victor: from the movie Casablanca. A well-known but not very popular name, it refers us to this great classic of cinema played by Humphrey Bogart

Ren: This name refers to the character of Ren McCormack, in the 1984 Footloose film. In Egyptian mythology it was used to name the newborn and as he grew up it was changed to others, even so it was believed that the name lasted as long as it was remembered for others.

Luke: This name is famous thanks to the famous Star Wars saga. Its variant in Spanish is Lucas which means "luminous." His name day is October 18, which is the day of Saint Luke.

Gus: this is the diminutive of Gustavo, and refers to the little mouse from the Cinderella movie. A name of German origin very popular among children. As a curious fact, Gustavo has been used to name several kings of Sweden.

Jack: from the movie Titanic, this character is unforgettable thanks to the performance of actor Leonardo Dicaprio. A simple and strong name, very popular especially in English-speaking countries.

Edward: from the movie Pretty Woman. This name is the English version of Eduardo, whose origin is Germanic and means 'the guardian of wealth.' Thanks to the meaning of his name, he is considered a charismatic and very sociable person.

Tristan: classic character played by Brad Pitt in Legends of Passion. One of the most iconic heroes of American cinema. Its etymology is Germanic and refers to Thor "god of war" and Stein which means "stone".

Paris: belongs to the Trojan movie and is the character played by Orlando Bloom in this famous film. It is a name of Greek origin and it is very original if you are looking for a different name for your baby.

Aragorn: It reminds us of the fictional character created by J. R. Tolkien, creator of the Lord of the Rings saga. A strong name that reminds us of this courageous character, and above all very original.

Celebrities tend to give their children very different names, which stand out and are not traditional names at all. We mention some names of the children of celebrities, their meaning and the reasons why they have been chosen for their little ones.

Saint. Kim Kardashian's second child was named this way. The star commented that she chose this name because for both her and her husband Kanye West, their baby has been a blessing after having some complications conceiving it.

Bear Rocknroll Winslet. Son of Kate Winslet and Ned Rocknroll. The happy couple decided to choose the name of bear (bear), and combined with his father's surname "Rocknroll", it forms a rather peculiar name.

Maceo. The little one who bears this name is the son of Halle Berry and Olivier Martínez. The name Maceo is an old version of Mateo used in Spain and means "gift from God."

Ace Knute. He is the baby of Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson. The first name was chosen solely because the couple liked it, the second was in honor of Eric Johnson's grandfather.

Xander Dane. He is the son of January Jones. Xander is of Greek origin and means "protector of humanity", Dane means "God will judge" in Hebrew. A different and very striking name.

Sky. Elizabeth Berkley's baby was named "heaven" because, as the "Saved by the Bell" actress mentioned, she is a piece of heaven.

Noah phoenix. He is the little one of Alessandra Ambrosio and her partner Jamie Mazur. Noah is a Hebrew name and means "to comfort or soothe", Phoenix was simply chosen to refer to the phoenix.

The list of names for boys for 2017 brings us great surprises. There are names that became fashionable in their day and now they are lowering positions, as is the case of Marcos or Hugo. Others, however, are registering more and more frequently among newborns. This is the case of Mateo, Izan, Ángel, Matías or Lucas.

And although we continue to find classic names in the list of the most popular, such as Alejandro, Carlos or Diego, there are other less known names that are gaining in popularity among children. For example: Alexander, Leo or Martín. We recommend that you think carefully about your child's name and look for its meaning in the lists that we have prepared. Here are some:

- German names: discover the most popular names of Germanic origin for your baby.

- Arabic names: exotic and not very common names, but they can be very original for the little ones.

- Catalan names: we help you choose names for your child with the most popular Catalan names.

- French names: if you are looking for a different name for your child, French names are a very good option.

- Galician names: the most beautiful Galician names for children.

- Greek names: surprise yourself with the names that refer to Greek mythology and the Greek gods.

- English names: choose a name for your baby with this list of cute English names.

- Italian Names: our site shows you the best selection of Italian names for boys.

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