Ideas to dress children for school

Ideas to dress children for school

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Back to school has arrived and with it the dreaded September slope. One of the issues that brings parents upside down every year is the eternal doubt of how to dress your children to go to school and how much money it will cost.

Whether the children go to a school that requires uniform of course, the start of the new year requires a sacrifice of the family economy to buy new garments to replace the worn ones or those that have become too small. For that reason, we give you some advices that can serve as a reference.

If your child goes to a school where it is necessary to wear a uniform, you will find advantages and disadvantages. In the first place, knowing what the child has to wear each day frees parents from choosing the clothes, but on the other hand, the uniform can pose an economic problem depending on the school or if the child is one of those who 'destroys' clothes.

Is essential make a list of the clothes the child needs at the beginning of the year and what you can reuse from other years. Socks, underwear and sportswear, polo shirts and shirts can be bought during the sales, while the rest of the uniform can be purchased little by little and avoid a large outlay for a single month.

Another saving advice is to avoid brands or shops with very high prices. You can also choose to borrow from family members or colleagues who share the same uniform style.

On the other hand, parents who take their children to schools of this type should have their uniform ready on Sundays and a spare one the rest of the week in case it is stained or torn. In addition, it is essential know the schedules, since some days the tracksuit or other kind of sports or extracurricular material must be included.

Schools that do not include a uniform have advantages and disadvantages for parents when deciding how to dress their children. On the one hand, they decide the type of clothing they choose for their children and where to buy it, but on the other hand, they must also prepare the 'model' every day.

The experts of 'Orienta, Educational Advisors'They recommend that clothes be comfortable, with fabrics that take care of the skin and are easy to clean, as well as footwear, especially considering that children carry out a wide variety of activities and are prone to staining.

Underwear, socks, pants, T-shirts, sweaters or jackets, skirts and dresses are basic, But you cannot forget the winter garments such as leotards, coats, scarves, gloves or hats, as well as other more optional such as vests, belts, suspenders or hair ornaments.

As for footwear, this can vary according to age. Younger children find the laces an obstacle, so it is more recommended choose shoes sports type with velcro closures.

From 'Orienta' they remember the importance of always choosing clothes that prevail in comfort and not that they seek to be in the latest fashion, since the little ones need to move freely to learn and develop their abilities.

Sources:Orienta, Educational Advisors

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