The ladder method to motivate children to do homework

The ladder method to motivate children to do homework

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The start of classes it is always hard for everyone. The children start out very strongly but seeing that the new course is more difficult than the previous one, they quickly deflate, before the despair of parents and teachers, and they immediately think that they will not get the tasks done, even before trying.

In we leave you a method to motivate children to do homework.

It won't take long. It is a craft quick that you will have to do with your child. The idea is that both of you enjoy preparing her so that she feels more committed to her.

Take one cardstock and paint a ladder big with a little doll down willing to climb it.

At first the doll, which represents our son, is down, and he must overcome his fears and apathy to do the homework climbing the ladder little by little.

On each rung of the ladder we will write a motivational phrase; from little motivated to highly motivated, to end up getting it.

The phrases will be:

  • I can not do it

  • Maybe i can do it

  • I'll try to do it

  • I can do it

  • I will do that

  • I'm doing

  • I have done it!

We must ask the child with what phrase do you feel at that moment identified. Normally he will tell you one of the phrases below, now we will ask him how far he wants to go today. The idea is that the child goes up the ladder, get motivated with each stepAnd by the end of it all, you have been able to finish your homework and feel proud of yourself for having ascended to the top of it all.

The same can be done with a mountain that we are ascending to the top.

A more fun way to do it is paint the ladder on felt, cut out the doll, or use a photo of our son, and put a belt behind it so that the child himself can move the doll as he feels more animated to face his tasks.

Hang it above his study table or on a wall in his room, and every evening when he gets home from school, encourage him to move his character to the step he is currently on. You will see how funny he is that he will quickly want to start the ascent to the top!

This is a method widely used by teachers in their classes to motivate children to do homework.

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