Museums in Peru ideal to go with children

Museums in Peru ideal to go with children

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There are many ways to enjoy with children and live different and enriching experiences. One of them is to visit museums and the activities and workshops that they offer to stimulate their interest in culture, art, science, among other topics of great importance for children's learning.

Would you like your children to be more interested in their culture and roots? Arouse their curiosity for art? Show them the natural wealth that their environment has? Have fun times playing and learning? For this we have made a selection of the museums in Peru ideal to go with children Are you going to miss it?

The Metropolitan Museum of Lima It is an unconventional museum and a very original option to take the children. The particularity of its exhibitions is that all of them are audiovisual. 2D, 3D and 4D scenographies and projections are the protagonists of this space; Through them children can learn in a very didactic and different way. The exhibitions will take you on a journey through the pre-Hispanic, viceregal and republican history of the city of Lima. This museum also has a reading room for children, a library and cultural activities and events for them and their families.

This museum is considered one of the most important in the history of Peru. Within its rooms thousands of original pieces belonging to different periods in the history of this country are preserved. The museum is a great cultural center and an ideal visit for children to learn more about the history of the Peruvian people. In addition, it offers a series of educational workshops to stimulate children and promote culture in them; it also has an auditorium where ballet, folklore, choirs and symphony orchestras are presented.

In this space, children can discover the natural wealth of Peru. Mineral rocks, flora and fauna are the typical stars of the exhibition rooms of this museum. For children, they carry out workshops on environmental education or related to ecology and paleontology issues. There is also a special area for them; "The Tini promotion center" is a space where children are taught to care for the environment and to be responsible for their environment. If your children like animals and nature, you cannot miss a visit to the Museum of Natural History of Peru!

The Lima Art Museum is located in the historic center of said city and is one of the most important and visited museums. The museum is located inside the former Palacio de Exposición, a historic building that houses a collection of 17,000 Peruvian works of art. Colonial, Republican art, textiles, silverware, photography, and drawing can be found in the exhibits. An ideal space to encourage children to learn more about the history of Peru, its culture and popular art. This museum also has plays aimed at children and adolescents who seek to encourage play, their cultural identity and family values.

A museum made by children for children. How is this possible? Well, this museum is a reality, thanks to the original initiative of a group of volunteers whose objective is to disseminate children's art among Peruvian society. This is a space where you can see paintings and sculptures that have been made by Peruvian children, with the aim of conserving and sharing their cultural heritage. We can also find works of art made by children from other countries, such as Greece. The teaching of workshops for children in this artistic space could not be absent and the little ones can also take classes to learn how to make their own paintings, masks and ceramics.

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