10 health goals for children in the school year

10 health goals for children in the school year

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Going back to school is a good time to set health goals. We propose tips and solutions to achieve ten good health purposes for children in the school year. In this way, they will be able to enjoy excellent health during the academic year.

It is about ensuring that our children acquire hygiene, eating, sleeping or good manners before the school year begins and that these are maintained throughout the year.

Goal 1. Improve sleep hygiene

advice: A child who gets enough sleep is more likely to do better than one who does not. You have to get at least 8 hours of sleep.

Solutions: Out of room screens. Create a quiet environment at home and read, tell a story, sing a relaxed song before bed.

Goal 2: 0 children without breakfast

advice: A child who eats breakfast before starting the lesson activity is likely to perform better than one who does not.

Solutions: Get up earlier, have breakfast at school and vary the breakfast content: fruit, whole grains, eggs, leftovers from the previous day, dairy, etc.

Goal 3: Eat a healthy mid-morning meal

advice: Make a weekly planning that includes the type of food to eat each day.

Solutions: Vary the content of the mid-morning and fulfill the planning, so as not to fall into boredom.

Goal 4: 5 servings of vegetables a day

advice: Vegetables provide a generous amount of fiber, vitamins and minerals, and are very important to ensure proper cardiovascular health.

Solutions: Let's respect the child's vegetable preferences, and avoid overcooked vegetables. Let us involve our children in the elaboration of the dishes.

Goal 5: Eat whole grains

advice: The whole cereal has two very interesting layers (bran and germ), where there is a large amount of dietary fiber, minerals and vitamins.

Solutions: True whole wheat pasta (with a high percentage of whole grains) is available in most supermarkets and grocery stores. Let's buy it.

Goal 6: Eat fish three times a week

advice: Sea fish provides proteins of high biological value, omega-three fatty acids, iodine and phosphorus.

Solutions: Let us involve our children in the elaboration of dishes that contain fish.

Goal 7: Brush teeth after every meal

advice: This simple action reduces the probability of developing cavities and periodontal disease.

Solutions: Reduce the consumption of sweets, soft drinks, juices and foods rich in free sugars. Let's teach the child what tooth decay is, and how we can prevent its development. Let's brush our teeth with them, and review their brushing.

Goal 8: Handwashing

advice: Hand washing, along with vaccination, are two of the most important preventive actions. It should be done with soap and water, before eating, after playing in the street or playing sports. If we have a cold, we will wash them frequently.

Solutions: Parents have to lead by example. If we do it, they will too.

Goal 9: Respect for teachers

Tips: Let's lead by example. It is important that parents maintain a respectful and empathetic attitude towards our children's teachers. So they will too.

Solutions: Let us know how to see and analyze the positive points of attending school, learning and receiving advice from education professionals.

Goal 10: Respect for our children's peers

advice: Let us teach our children that each child is different, and that the difference is enriching.

Solutions: Let's be proactive in detecting bullying. Our children can be active or passive victims of school abuse. Let's talk with them to detect possible risk situations.

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