What causes snot in the baby and how to remove them

What causes snot in the baby and how to remove them

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Snot is a symptom of some disorder or disease of our baby that is really annoying. And it is that, he has not yet acquired enough skills to eliminate them.

Parents must be attentive to the first appearance of mucus to clean that excessive nasal discharge as soon as possible and avoid its accumulation in the nose or throat, as it could cause greater consequences.

Snot, both in childhood and in adults, are mainly caused by 5 conditions:

- Mourn: when the baby cries, the lacrimal glands expel water until they overflow, this excess water also floods the nasal passages and therefore produces a greater nasal discharge.

- Allergies: The rhinitis that allergic children usually suffer from causes sneezing and abundant mucus. It usually presents in the form of itching, nasal packing and drip.

- Virus: the common cold or colds are accompanied by two types of mucus, the nasal ones that lodge in the nose and the phlegm that is produced in the respiratory system and lungs.

- Bacteria- Mucus is a common symptom in some bacterial diseases such as bacterial sinusitis.

- Cold: increased nasal discharge in cold weather occurs because the body is trying to warm the air, for this it increases humidity, the blood vessels expand and causes it to leak.

An excessive accumulation of mucus in the upper airways or in the respiratory system can complicate an existing illness or a simple common cold.

If our baby has a cold and we do not wash his nose well, the mucus could accumulate and cause other disorders such as otitis, conjunctivitis or bronchiolitis.

Therefore, one of the recommendations that pediatricians constantly make to parents is to perform nasal washes in the presence of mucus.

The most effective method to remove baby snot is sea water, a treatment considered very effective since:

- It is the best method to decongest the nose in babies and children.

- It is considered a natural bactericide, it is capable of eliminating bacteria considered bad for the body.

- It has an antiallergic action, reduces irritation of the nasal tissues and also rehydrates them.

- Strengthens the body's natural immunity as it drags secretions and removes mucus.

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