Why are red-haired children born

Why are red-haired children born

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How many times, before being moms, have we imagined what they will be like physically our children? We imagine them when they are two or three years old, probably with similar features to ours, and with our same hair color.

However, many times this is not fulfilled and babies do not take our features, not even the same hair color, which is the most recognizable sign at first glance. When a child has blond hair, we suppose it is because his father or mother were also born with it like that, and the same thing happens with brown or brown hair. But does this always happen? And what about those kids who have a fun mat of reddish hair? We answer the question why red-haired children are born.

To begin with, we must know that there are two types of genes: dominant and recessive. The former are the most prevalent, that is, the ones we can find the most, as they would be in the case of people who have brown hair. As for children born with red hair, they are the ones who have these recessive genes, which do not occur in such a common way.

How can we explain that of a blonde or brown couple with their parents with usual hair colors In our society, a completely red-haired boy or girl is born?

We have to take into account the above, that this redhead gene it is recessive and although it is present in biology, it does not prevail over the others. It may be because in the two pairs of grandparents, both have these recessive genes, which although they do not prevail over the dominant ones, will give rise to children who will be the parents of the future redhead and who have both dominant genes as recessive. This could lead to that naughty boy in the next generation red hair.

This means that depending on our genes, our children will have one hair color or another even if we do not have it, not even our parents, grandparents or previous generations.

The achievement of recessive genes in parents and children it can give rise to a new recessive gene that will be the one that will make it possible for us to comb our little one with that fun and personal color that is red.

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