Iron supplements cause stains on children's teeth

Iron supplements cause stains on children's teeth

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Not all stains on children's teeth They are related to poor dental hygiene, such as cavities or tartar, but some iron supplements that children are ordered to take when they have anemia can produce some unsightly dark spots on the teeth.

We tell you why these stains occur on children's teeth and what to do to soften their color.

There are many factors that can alter enamel color from children's teeth: antibiotics such as tetracycline, excessive fluoridation, hypocalcification, or taking iron supplements.

Iron tablets are often prescribed for children who suffer from anemia, that is, a iron deficiency in blood.

They should be taken on an empty stomach and never together with milk, calcium or antacids. Its side effects are not very relevant, although it is common for children who take it to suffer from constipation or diarrhea, according to each body, in addition to stomach ailments or nausea, apart from leaving some very conspicuous dark spots in the teeth that make parents cry out to heaven.

When children are very young and are not able to swallow a pill, pediatricians often recommend liquid iron supplements that should be taken drunk, with what the problem of stains on children's teeth is accentuated.

There is no need to worry excessively. It is true, that they give an unsightly and unsanitary appearance that is not very pleasant to see, and to top it all, they are difficult to avoid, but it's nothing that has no solution.

1- If iron is taken in a drink form, it can be mix the dose with water or juices, never with milk, as we have said before. This has the small drawback, that if the child does not drink all the water, in the end you do not know if the dose has been taken in full, so try not to put too much water.

2- Another way to prevent the iron supplement have contact with the teeth is take it with a straw, or if it's a baby, with a syringe. This will not prevent stains from appearing but it will prevent them from being lighter.

3- Once the stains have appeared on the child's teeth, you should know that no matter how much you brush their teeth, it will be impossible to remove them. You can try to soften them by applying a little bit of sodium bicarbonate, if it is not very small and there is no risk of swallowing it. Although these spots they usually reappear, do not worry too much since when the child grows they are gradually disappearing and at 9 years old they are no longer usually present.

4- Finally, if the child is older and is quiet in the dentist's chair, they can be removed with a dental cleaning.

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