Coconut alfajor. Mexican recipe for kids

Coconut alfajor. Mexican recipe for kids

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The coconut alfajor It is a typical Mexican sweet that we can find in different sizes and colors, ranging from white and yellow to green, red, and pink. This time we show you how to prepare this delicious dessert, a very popular Mexican recipe for children.

Children you will be able to enjoy this delicious recipe, thanks to its sweet flavor and smooth texture that will make it irresistible! Best of all, it can be prepared in just 5 steps. An easy and simple dessert!

  • 1 kilo of sugar
  • 500 g of clean, grated and dry coconut
  • 1 and 1/2 cups of water
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • Wafers
  • Pink plant paint

1- Grind the coconut until it forms a fine paste.

2- Boil the sugar and cinnamon in water; let it take ball point, that is, place the tip of a knife in the syrup and immerse it immediately in a glass of cold water. It should form a consistent ball.

3- Remove from the heat and add the coconut; stir well. Separate the pasta into two parts: paint one with bright pink vegetable color and leave the other part white.

4- Pour the white candy into a rectangular-shaped mold lined with wafers; immediately add the pink candy.

5- Leave the alfajor to rest and remove it from the mold when it hardens. You can then cut it into small rectangles.

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