The rose and thorn method to find out how the child did in school

The rose and thorn method to find out how the child did in school

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'My son doesn't tell me anything' is a very common complaint among parents. There are children who tell about everything they have done in school, what has happened to their friends or if they are sad or happy. And others are like oysters that keep everything.

Parents know how important it is to know how our children feel, if something worries them or if a child has said something that hurt them. But how to do it if they don't speak? A psychologist friend told me about this simple method, it is about rose and thorn method to find out how the child did in school.

It is a very simple method, we can put it into practice every day routinely and It is an excellent way to keep up to date with the good and the bad that our son lives. In this way, we can guide or help you in case you are experiencing a bad time, or simply be a participant in all the fun things that happen to you.

It is the rose and thorn method and it is perfect to see how the child did in school. At the time of going to bed, in that moment in which the child is calm and we take the opportunity to read the story that he likes or say a few words of affection before going to sleep we can stretch the time a little more and while we tuck him in, ask him :

- What is the rose and thorn today?

The rose is that moment that you liked the most, amused you or made you feel good; the thorn refers to that sad, painful, uncomfortable event or simply something that bothered you throughout the day.

Perhaps at first they only count small things that seem insignificant to you, for example, the rose may be that made a path for the ants in the park with its friend, and the thorn that your friend stepped on. They may seem like small stories but for our children it is their day to day, they are great events and all of them hide what made them happy and what made them sad.

If we ask about the rose and the thorn every night before the child falls asleep, we will learn, little by little, those things that do not count when we start to do a third grade: "what have you done in class?" punished for speaking "," you have played with Manolito "," you have eaten everything in the dining room "... All these are standard questions that we usually ask and with which we will obtain the answers that we want, but perhaps not the ones that answer true to how the child feels at school and how important he is.

We can even share with you our rose and thorn today to make them feel comfortable talking and that they also understand how we feel.

What we should not do when we put the rose and thorn method into practice is:

  • Press him: try to get a yes or yes answer at all costs, even if you are tired and do not want to talk that night.
  • Guide you in the answers: occasionally they end up answering what we want to hear.
  • Not let him speak: children can take time to explain what they want, we must be patient and let them speak, even if they get stuck, and not finish their sentences.
  • Show no interest: the child may wander when talking or tell things that you do not find very interesting, but they are as interesting as that bad moment you have had at work or with your partner and that you do not stop telling everyone.

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