The three palm trees. Children's poems with a moral

The three palm trees. Children's poems with a moral

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Las tres palmeras is a beautiful poem by Marisa Alonso Santamaría that conveys an important lesson to children. A children's poem that teaches children to enjoy life, to value the little things and to downplay what is not.

It is about teaching children that we only have one life and we must live it in the best possible way, avoiding always being angry or looking for a fight, and trying to be better people every day. A Children's poem with a moral to convey positivism to children.

On a very distant island

there were only three palm trees

that they argued daily,

to see which was more beautiful.

Her friends, the seagulls,

they saw them fight

and although they were so different

they loved them equally,

The first was thin

the second a little fat,

the third very short

with thick and short branches.

The seagulls asked:

"Why do you fight palm trees?"

and although they loved each other very much,

they kept arguing among themselves.

One day the thinnest,

suddenly the color changed,

it got very yellow

and soon it was leafless.

All immediately

they stopped fighting,

the very sick palm tree

I only thought of healing.

They cared for her, they pampered her,

not a fight was heard,

so that soon he would heal

there was not a discussion

At last the sick palm tree

regained its color,

and again they fought

without learning the lesson.

Days and months went by

a long year passed,

«What if I am the most beautiful

that I am the most beautiful »

When they least expected it,

the smallest died,

From overnight,

without saying goodbye.

And they were desolate

thinking about what happened,

fight for your beauty

it does not make any sense.

They decided to be happy

after the hard setback,

We are all different,

you only live once!

Seagulls from the sky

they don't hear them fight,

looking healthy and beautiful,

they just want to enjoy.

Moral: Life is one, enjoy it with the people you love and you will be happy.

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