Bedtime stories for children

Bedtime stories for children

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How difficult it is for me to wake up the children in the morning to go to school! Although most days they tend to wake up on their own as if they had a clock inside that warned them that it is time to wake up, when we have low pressures in the atmospheric time and there are many clouds in the sky, they would stay asleep for two more hours and , sometimes, I think that yesterday's story, perhaps lasted longer than necessary.

And it is that there are days that at night there is no one who puts them to bed. They seem to kick in at night and can't find the time to go to bed. To combat this feeling of anxiety in children, which produces a mixture of fatigue and nervousness, which does not allow them to fall asleep easily, there is nothing like bedtime stories.

It is easy to convince children to get into bed if you tell them that you are going to tell them or read a story. When they are lying in a horizontal position, with their heads on the pillow, the feeling of relaxation begins to take effect on their bodies and well-being rises with the dim light of the lamp and the warm voice of their mother or father telling a story new or one of their favorite stories, which they never tire of listening to, even if you've told them a thousand times.

After so many nights of storytelling, I've found that short stories or short versions of bedtime stories work best. Splitting the story into several days does not work for my children because, in the end, they are left wanting to know what happens next, if it is new, and they want me to read a little more to them, and then a little more and so on until I almost finished the story.

I have also found another vein in fables. I find especially interesting the compilations of fables and stories that have been transmitted by oral tradition for centuries through different generations and that today, thanks to their printed version, we can remember and enjoy. In addition, this allows children to be more and more citizens of the world, by sharing customs and traditions of other places, of other cultures, which, although distant in space, become close in time, as they are understood and relived by children. .

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