Ugly Duckling. Traditional children's stories

Ugly Duckling. Traditional children's stories

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Being different or different from others should not be a reason to be ashamed. Tell that tale of the Ugly Duckling, written by Hans Christian Andersen, to your children, and teach them that we are all different and that we should respect each other. No matter where you were born, or what color your skin is, or your race ... we must accept people as they are. We must look at their hearts, their good attitudes, and their good values.

On a beautiful summer morning, the eggs that Mother Pata had hatched were beginning to break, one by one. The ducklings came out little by little, filling the parents and their friends with happiness. They were so happy that they hardly noticed that one egg, the largest of all, was still intact.

Everyone, even the newborn ducklings, turned their attention to the egg, to see when it would hatch. After a few minutes, the egg began to move, and then the beak, then the body, and the legs of the smiling duck could be seen. He was the largest, and to everyone's surprise, very different from the others. And because he was different, everyone started calling him the Ugly Duckling.

Mother Pata, embarrassed to have had such an ugly duckling, brushed it off with her wing while paying attention to the other ducklings. The ugly duckling began to realize that they did not want him there. And as he got older, he got even uglier, and he had to put up with everyone's teasing. So very early the next morning the duckling decided to leave the farm.

Sad and lonely, the duckling followed a path through the woods until he reached another farm. There an old farmer picked him up, gave him food and drink, and the duckling thought he had found someone who loved him. But, after a few days, he realized that the old woman was bad and only wanted to fatten him to transform him into a second course. The duckling came running as hard as he could.

Winter had come, and with it, cold, hunger, and the hunters' chase for the ugly duckling. He had a very bad time. But it survived until the arrival of spring. The days became hotter and more colorful. And the duckling began to perk up again. One day, as he passed a pond, he saw the most beautiful birds he had ever seen. They were elegant, delicate, and moved like true dancers, through the water. The duckling, still self-conscious about the figure and its clumsiness, approached one of them and asked her if she could also bathe in the pond.

And one of the swans replied:

- Well, of course I do! Are you one of us.

And the duckling said:

- How am I one of yours?

I am ugly and clumsy, the complete opposite of you.

And they told him:

- Then, look at your reflection in the water of the pond and you will see how we did not deceive you.

The duckling looked at himself and what he saw left him speechless. It had grown into a beautiful swan! And in this moment, he knew he had never been ugly. He was not a duck but a swan. And so the new swan joined the others and lived happily ever after.


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