Games for children to learn to share

Games for children to learn to share

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"My son hoards his toys and refuses to share them with other children to play." As parents, it is certain that we have experienced this situation countless times at home, in the park, etc.

It is something normal, since the value of sharing is not something innate, but for children to learn to share, time and experience is needed. Also keep in mind that the younger the child is, the more it will cost them to share their things. On our site we propose some games and activities for children to learn to share.

Sometimes this attitude of not sharing of the child creates in adults a feeling of shame, and it is even a behavior that can exasperate parents causing them to make several mistakes such as:

- Force you to share your things. The reason for behaving like this appears because you are shaping your personality and helping you measure how far the limits can go. Therefore, let's not think that he is selfish.

- Lending your things to others without your permission, since it can create distrust towards the adult and become more possessive.

That the child does not want to share his toys when he is playing with other children does not mean that he is selfish. Parents should try to be patient with this attitude and try to set an example. What's more….

- It is important to teach him to negotiate.

- Respect their things. For example, ask what you want to loan and what you don't.

- Find out the reasons why they do not want to share and refute them.

- It is key that their behavior is reinforced when they are generous.

- Learn to play in a group.

The easiest way to get children to share their properties is by teaching them through games and activities. That is to say, that they learn in a playful way a very important virtue to improve their social skills. Between games….

- Traditional games. Thanks to them, children learn to relate to their peers. They learn to share both toys and experiences.

- Practice some kind of sport as a team is an excellent option.

- Table games. With them, children learn to follow rules, to wait turns to work on patience. You work as a team and share the activity with other children.

- Read tales. All the stories in children's stories reinforce with positive messages. All the stories that reinforce being a partner or friend serve to work on the value of sharing.

- Watch movies. Like the stories, all the films that speak of friendship, solidarity and cooperation serve as a tool to work on the value of sharing.

- Cook together. Preparing a simple recipe with the children helps them learn to organize, cooperate, improvise and share the preparation.

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