5 museums in Colombia ideal to take children

5 museums in Colombia ideal to take children

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If you have the opportunity to visit a museum with your children, Don't hesitate for a moment! And you will ask yourself, how important is it to take them? Well the answer is very simple: you will be giving them sensations and experiences full of learning. It is also a good excuse to share family time and offer the little ones the opportunity to discover a new form of entertainment. For you to enjoy a different and fun plan, on our site we recommend 5 museums in Colombia ideal to take children.

In this museum in Colombia to take the children, you can find 25 rooms in which the little ones can carry out different activities related to science, technology and culture. The goal is that through experimentation and play, can value and appreciate scientific culture. Some of the activities that children can do are: learn to record a television program, understand the operation of a car, watch a musical presentation with animatronic figures, or go through a sensory tunnel where stimulate the senses of sight, touch and hearing. You can even see an aeronautics exhibition on the first Colombian jet in history!

Great international artists present their works in this museum, one of the most important in Colombia. Specifically for children, it is a space that offers a program with workshops, concerts and many activities related to art, history, archeology and ethnography. For example, you can go to an exhibition called ‘Art and nature in the Middle Ages’, in which participants can recreate medieval stories and make tapestries related to the objects and characters that are exhibited in said exhibition.

Inside this museum we can find different manifestations of modern and contemporary art. For the little ones there is a space called 'The city of children', an area where workshops and activities related to the world of art can be held. Children can explore the fine arts, create journals, express themselves freely, and explore through their senses. Through their website you can find out about the calls they make.

In this museum you can find a large collection of works by the Colombian artist Fernando Botero. One of the main characteristics of his paintings is the representation of fat people and bulky objects, this aspect attracts children a lot of attention. To reveal to you the reason why Botero painted in this particular style, the museum has a special program with the aim that the little ones learn more about their work and explain what their inspiration has been over time.

In Barranquilla There is a cultural space dedicated to promoting the historical, natural and cultural heritage of the Colombian Caribbean. The Caribbean museum offers a tour through rooms that contain different themes related to cultural diversity and the environment in this area. Here children can learn by listening and interacting in the exhibits, and there is even a schedule of open-air theater performances.

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