10 pretty girl names for 2018

10 pretty girl names for 2018

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Names for babies

The most popular and cute names for girls


"Woman who knows how to listen" this is the meaning of the name Ximena, whose origin is Hebrew. It is a very common name used in both Latin America and Spain and can be written with "X" or with "J". It comes from the Middle Ages and its name day is November 1.

Valentina comes from valens, valentinus: "brave, from the family of the Valentines". It is a beautiful girl's name of Latin origin and its saint is celebrated on July 25. Due to its meaning, this name represents an active, optimistic, and energetic woman. A name closely related to love, since it is the feminine form of Valentine, the pattern of lovers.

Isabel's name day is celebrated on February 20 and its origin is somewhat uncertain, on the one hand there are those who attribute it to Hebrew with the meaning of "promise of God", and on the other hand there are those who say it has a Latin origin making reference to the Egyptian goddess Isis. What is certain is that it's a sweet name that comes from the middle ages and that has been used for centuries.

Maria is a name of Hebrew origin and means 'exalted'. His name day is celebrated on January 1, the day of Santa María. We can say that it is a name for 2018 very traditional and popular all over the world; for example: in English we know him as Mary and in French as Marie. If you like strong and simple names Maria is an excellent option.

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