Cesarean delivery: good or bad?

Cesarean delivery: good or bad?

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I was recently talking to a friend of mine about the next birth of your childShe calmly told me that she would know exactly when her child would be born, since they would have a scheduled cesarean section. I didn't want to ask her the cause, but I liked that she lived it so calmly, when other women get their hairs like spikes just thinking about it. Given this, I asked myself the following question: is cesarean delivery good or bad?

It is not the first time that my friend has faced a cesarean section, It's the third And, therefore, she knows that it is a safe surgical method that has helped all her babies come out healthy. Although cesarean delivery is not the usual nor is it desirable, we have to count on certain circumstances or emergencies that can lead to our child being born through this practice and we do not have to be afraid or think that we have failed in some way.

Problems in the mother's body structure or health, abnormal placental or uterine stability, baby position, smother or baby display or other conditions may force our obstetrician to make the decision to perform a cesarean section, either on a scheduled or emergency basis.

Usually, the cesarean delivery process lasts between 45 minutes to an hour and the same epidural anesthesia would serve for the surgical extraction of the baby. If the mother is doing well, she can hold her baby already in the delivery room. Recovery is slower than a vaginal delivery, usually staying in the hospital for one or two more days, and then rest and home care should be longer (four to six weeks).

Cesarean section should be used as a last, although invaluable resource, but should only be performed when the health of the mother or baby is in danger. Therefore, it should be avoided, as far as possible, in all other cases. Pregnant women can try to help avoid it, following a continuous control of our pregnancy, with a healthy lifestyle and in good spirits.

Under normal circumstances, we must give the woman a real chance to have a vaginal delivery. My husband's cousin, who is narrow in the hips and very thin, had all the ballots to have a cesarean section, but thanks to a good follow-up of the pregnancy and delivery, the insistence and understanding of her midwife and the effort made for her at the time of delivery, she has been able to bring three babies into the world through vaginal delivery, when a priori she seemed to be a firm candidate for giving birth by cesarean section. If we have had a vaginal or cesarean delivery it is the least, the recovery will come in both cases and we will only end up remembering the wonderful image of our son, finally, in our arms.

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