Ten names for girls inspired by summer

Ten names for girls inspired by summer

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If there is a choice that may worry future parents, it is choosing the right name for their children. Some choose the name before conceiving their child, others do not agree until the last moment. For some parents, names that are easy to remember or pronounce are ideal, while others seek originality or symbolism.

If your daughter will be born next summer and you have not yet decided what she will be called, perhaps these ten proposals that we make from our site can inspire you

Are names for girls inspired by summer of different origins and whose meanings are directly or indirectly related to the circumstances of the summer periods such as warm temperatures, long and bright days, and the sea, among others.

1- June: it is a name of Basque origin. With it, it refers to the sixth month of the calendar in which summer begins. Some voices relate this name to the Goddess protector of marriage. June is the name of the daughter of the model Bimba Bosé. We can also highlight the American choreographer June Taylor or the American country singer June Carter Cash.

2- Sun: it is a name of Latin origin and its meaning is related to the star that means 'that which shines like the sun' or the one that 'has a luminous faith'. Sometimes it can be used as a compound name. Among the personalities that are called this way we can highlight the Spanish journalist Sol Alameda or the Argentine model Sol Núñez.

3- Suzanne: it is a white lily that blooms in late spring early summer. It is also a name of Hebrew origin and means 'lotus flower'. Other variants of this name are Xuxa in Latin or Susanne in German. With this name, the Mexican actress Susana González or the Argentine journalist Susana Gimenez stand out.

4- Breeze: it is an original name and little used. Its Greek origin and means 'soft wind'. Like the one that can be in the summer season. Brisa is also the name of a beautiful nymph.

5- Sea: it is a feminine name of Latin origin that means 'the lady of the sea'. She is also the protector of sailors and the patron of the sea. It can be used individually or as part of a compound name. Among the personalities that are called this way, we highlight the Mexican actress Mar Contreras or the Spanish model Mar Flores.

6- Shera: it is a name of Aramaic origin and means 'light', like the one that predominates in the summer months when the days are longer than the nights. The Sheray or Sherah forms can also be used.

7- Iris: the origin of this name is Latin, although according to some voices it could also have a Greek origin. It means 'the one with beautiful colors'. According to mythology, she was a messenger of the gods and also a summer flower. With this name we can highlight the German artist Iris Wagner to the Venezuelan politician Iris Varela.

8- Shell: is the abbreviation of the name Concepción, a name of Latin origin. Shells are the shells that mollusks use as a defensive element to protect themselves from external aggressions. In summer it is very typical to collect shells from the sand on the beach.

9- Elaine: it is a variant in old French of the feminine name Elena that comes from the Greek and means 'bright light' like the one we can enjoy during the summer months. Among the personalities that are called this way we can highlight the American actress Elaine Hendrix or the American writer Elaine Cunningham.

10- dove: It is a name of Latin origin and it means "wild pigeon" although there are also voices that argue that it means "pale in color." Among the personalities that are so called, we can highlight the first Mexican lady during the eighties, Paloma Cordero, the Spanish singer, Paloma San Basilio or the Canadian singer, Paloma Bazterrica. The popular patron saint of Madrid is the Virgen de la Paloma whose traditional festival is celebrated during the summer every August 15th.

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