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Fables for children

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The fables they are short and brief literary narratives, usually in verse, which always end with a teaching message or an instructive moral, whose characters are almost always fictitious animals or objects. A good way to entertain and educate children at the same time.

Fables were already cultivated two thousand years ago, in Mesopotamia. Clay tablets briefly tell stories of cunning foxes, unfortunate dogs, and presumptuous elephants. In ancient Greece, the first fable is known as that of the nightingale. It was told by Hesiod in the 8th century BC, and since then hundreds of stories have taught us in the form of morals.

The most famous fables are those of Aesop, a slave, and companion of his master, the philosopher Xanthos. The fables attributed to him, known as Esopic Fables, were collected by Demetrius de Falero around 300 BC. These are short stories starring animals, of an allegorical nature and moral content. They exerted a great influence on the literature of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, being rewritten by Samaniego, by La Fontaine and others.

In the 20th century, the French poet Jean de La Fontaine (1621-1695) is famous for the 243 fables he wrote over 26 years. Inspired by Aesop's Fables, La Fontaine's tales include a family cast of rabbits, grasshoppers, ants, foxes and other animals. Among the most famous fables, we know 'The Tortoise and the Hare', 'The Fox and the Grapes', 'Country Mouse and City Mouse'.

On our site we offer you a selection of the best children's fables to read with your children. If you know any other fable for children and want to share it with us and the other parents, we will be delighted to receive it.

Fables of Samaniego for children. The fables of Samaniego to educate children through stories and children's stories. Short stories of animals with a moral to teach children the values.

Aesop's Fables for Children. Aesop's fables occupy a very special place in children's stories. our site brings you these very short stories that contain valuable lessons to help us educate children in values. Here you will find the best Aesop fables for children.

La Fontaine's Fables for Children. our site brings you The Fables of La Fontaine to educate children through stories and children's tales. Short stories of animals with a moral to teach children the values.

Phaedrus's Fables. On our site we have compiled several of the most famous children's fables of Phaedrus, so that with them you can teach and educate your children in values.

Fables by Rafael Pombo. A series of fables by Rafael Pombo with a moral so that your children can learn the values ​​that emerge from them. In addition, they are all in verse so it is a great way to bring poetry to the little ones in the house.

Fables of Iriarte. Along with those of Fedro, Samaniego, Aesop or La Fontaine, the children's fables of Iriarte can help educators to teach values, feelings and attitudes to children.

Fables for elementary school children. Fables are a great tool for elementary school children to learn values. Fables are a great resource to educate children and to make them understand that they should avoid certain behaviors.

Animal Fables. In you can find children's fables of animals, which will help you explain to your child certain attitudes that are difficult to make them understand due to their young age.

Fables in English for children. On our site we offer you a selection of short fables in English so that your children can learn the language while entertaining themselves. Short stories with morals in English for children

Short fables for children. Fables are a very useful resource to educate children, since through short and entertaining stories we teach them what is good and what is not. We propose 9 short fables to read to children. The best and most famous children's fables with a moral. Compilation of short fables with great morals to read and learn.

Fables to teach sharing. Children's fables to teach children to share. How to educate children in generosity. Childish selfishness. Stories to teach sharing.

Fables to educate in values. Children's fables to educate children in values. Short stories for kids. Fables with a moral. Children's short stories. How to educate children in values.

Fables about friendship. Fables are short stories with a lot of tradition that always contain a teaching. What if we use them to talk to our children about the importance of making friends? We present you a selection with the best friendship fables to tell to children.

Fables in verse. On our site we offer you a series of fables in verse so that children, in addition to learning values ​​with them, can approach poetry.

Fables about love. Selection of fabulous fables about love for children. Short stories with a moral to educate children, Traditional children's stories. How to educate children in the value of love and friendship. Short stories for children that are about friendship and love. How to educate children in values ​​through stories.

The hare and the Tortoise. The hare and the Tortoise. Fables are little stories that always carry a good message or a moral. This fable teaches children the value of effort and that you should never make fun of others. Read with your children one of the best known fables of all time: The Hare and the Tortoise, by Aesop.

Peasant mouse and the rich courtier. The peasant mouse and the rich courtier. Tell this short fable to your children and teach them the different ways of living of two mice. This fable with a cautionary tale teaches children that it is better to live with less but with more security and serenity.

The flies. The flies, a children's fable with a moral. Fables to teach values ​​to children. Short children's stories with a message to educate in values. Children's fables with a moral. This fable teaches children the value of patience and invites them to enjoy the present without anxiety or impulsiveness.

The horse and the donkey. The fable The horse and the ass. Children's stories to teach values ​​to children. our site offers us popular fables to educate in values. The horse and the ass, short children's story.

The lion and the Mouse. The fable The lion and the mouse, for children. On our site you can find fables to educate children in values. Popular fable of the lion and the mouse. Short stories with values ​​for children. Children's fables with a moral.

The dove and the ant. The Dove and the Ant is a popular Aesop fable to teach the value of gratitude to children. Here you will find fables for children with a message. The dove and the ant is a short story about animals with a moral to educate children and make them fond of reading. Discover the moral that this beautiful fable has for you.

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