Beneficial activities for children with high abilities

Beneficial activities for children with high abilities

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It is an obvious fact that looking for activities that stimulate and cover the learning, knowledge and fun needs of children with high capacities is not easy.

The fundamentals when searching activities that meet the needs of gifted children, is that they actively participate in the choice of these activities.

Many parents are responsible for choosing the activities of their children with high capacities themselves without making them participate in those decisions and, this means that children often do not feel motivated or interested in doing the activity that their parents have chosen for them .

It is important that the activities we seek for our children are in tune with what motivates them, worries them or interests them.

The gifted children tend to get bored when they do monotonous and repetitive activities, so we must try to put at your disposal new, creative, original and entertaining tasks. In addition, it is ideal that children with high abilities can function in open and flexible environments to be able to carry out their creativity and imagination without great difficulties or impediments.

Children with high capacities must be helped to find an activity that is a challenge for them and gives them great satisfaction. Here is a list of possible activities that may be of interest to gifted children:

- Make a painting or a sculpture by themselves.

- Study photography to be able to take photos in a professional and creative way.

- Take a course or workshop on creative writing.

- Learn to cook and increase the difficulty level of the cooking recipes.

- Compose a song.

- Learn to play a musical instrument.

- Attend theater, dance or body language classes.

- Make excursions to museums, oceanographic, observatories, archaeological sites, natural places where you can discover and learn about flora and fauna, etc.

- Practice a sport that is of interest to you.

- Participate in chess tournaments.

- Allow the child to carry out scientific experiments at home that do not pose any danger.

- Encourage him to carry out his own project, if he has one, and try to offer him the necessary tools so that he can carry it out.

- Attend workshops or extracurricular programming and / or robotics activities.

- Participate in contests for drawing, poetry, photography, mathematics, chess, etc.

Children with high abilities feel a great curiosity and concern for the world of which they are part. They need, perhaps to a greater extent than other children of the same age, great stimulation so as not to fall into boredom and demotivation.

For this reason, as far as possible, it is recommended that parents of children with high abilities arm themselves with patience to negotiate with their children and be as flexible as possible, within certain limits, to encourage children to give Unleash their high capacities and thus allow them to achieve the best version of themselves.

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