Beauty routine for new mothers

Beauty routine for new mothers

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The job of a mother is one of the most demanding that exists, especially if they are first time; We know that taking care of your newborn baby can take up a lot of time and, in many cases, it is difficult to use even a few minutes in your personal care. But, don't be discouraged! For everything there is a solution, and that is why this time we show you a beauty routine for new mothers that you can do in a few steps, obtaining results that you cannot believe yourself!

1- Take care of your skin. Use a 'Bb cream' on your face; these types of creams work very well to correct imperfections, hydrate and unify the tone of your skin. The best of all? It's so easy to apply! You can use a brush or simply the fingertips to spread the product, the result will be a natural and luminous skin instantly.

2- Use sunscreen. Protect your skin from the sun to avoid sunburns, skin cancer and premature aging. You must use this product daily before going out on the street, if you do not, in a short time you will notice changes in the skin in terms of photoaging.

3- Show off your hair. Instead of subjecting your hair to the heat of the appliances, opt to let it dry in the wind. To maintain the natural texture of the hair you can use a fixative discreetly. For first-time moms with little time, a good beauty routine involves wearing a cut that is not too complicated to maintain, do not hesitate to consult with your stylist about your options.

4- Show off your look. Use a waterproof mascara to plump and lengthen. It is not even necessary to apply shadow on the eyelid, with two layers of mascara you will see how you can get a lot of potential from your eyes.

5- A lipstick with color. A long-lasting lipstick in vibrant colors is an excellent option to highlight the face. There is also lipstick with balm, which will help keep your lips hydrated throughout the day.

6- A touch of 'blush'. The blush is an essential basic, just smile and apply color on the cheekbones with the help of a brush. Make horizontal and circular movements towards the outside of the face and stretching upwards.

7- Take off your makeup. At night, use a make-up remover in milk, cream or water based. There are products for dry, combination, normal or oily skin, choose the one that best suits your skin type. Remember that if you sleep with makeup, your pores will clog and you will attract bacteria to your face, so it is very important to remove everything, so you will get healthier skin.

8- Simple and beautiful nails. It is best to have short nails so as not to spend a lot of time taking care of them, however, there is no reason to sacrifice 'glamor', you can also paint them with the color of your choice. Currently there are nail polishes without toxic components that are also safe for children.

9- Eat healthy. Try to eat a balanced diet and avoid foods with empty calories, such as cookies, cakes, fried foods, among others. Do not forget that if you feel good on the inside it will be reflected on the outside. You are what you eat!

10- Do not be afraid of change. Make a change of 'look', cut your hair and change your makeup products. Changes are always good, don't be afraid of them! Reinvent yourself and become a very 'chic' mom.

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