Letter of the National Anthem of Venezuela for children

Letter of the National Anthem of Venezuela for children

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The Venezuelan National Anthem was created under the name "Gloria al bravo pueblo" in 1881 and according to historical data, Vicente Salias and Juan José Landaeta are the respective authors of the lyrics and music of this song. In we show you the most recent version of the National anthem of Venezuela for children, so they can practice it at home and in school music classes.


Glory to the brave people

that the yoke threw,

the law respecting

virtue and honor.

Verse I

Down chains

shouted the lord,

and the poor man in his hut

freedom asked,

to this holy name

trembled with dread

the vile selfishness

that again triumphed.

Verse II

Let's shout with vigor

die oppression,

faithful compatriots

strength is union;

and from the Empyrean

the supreme author,

a sublime breath

the people infused.

Verse III

United with ties

that the sky formed,

America all

exists in nation

and if despotism

raise your voice,

follow the example

that Caracas gave.

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