How to treat children's heartburn with medicines

How to treat children's heartburn with medicines

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Children can suffer too heartburn, and in most cases it is due to feeding errors. For example, in many houses, condiments and foods that irritate the stomach, such as spicy, are used too often.

In the case of heartburn in children, one should try to opt for a non-pharmacological treatment. But of course, there are also medicines that help improve symptoms.

Heartburn in children can also be treated with medicine. There are basically 3 options:

1. Antacids
They work by neutralizing gastric acidity, improving the pressure of the lower esophageal sphincter and purifying esophageal acidity, thereby reducing heartburn symptoms.

It is a classic remedy, used worldwide. Its use is quite safe, and the side effects are exceptional, since it is not absorbed at the intestinal level. However, it is advisable to consult your pediatrician, as it must be administered with caution in certain childhood illnesses, and it can also alter the absorption of other medications.

2. Histamine H2 receptor blockers
The best known active substance is ranitidine. This drug works by reducing acid secretion, inhibiting the receptors for histamine that exist in the cells of the stomach.

They do not manage to reduce the number of reflux episodes, nor their duration, but they neutralize the acidity of the refluxed material. Like any medicine, it can have side effects and affect the absorption of other medicines, so consult your pediatrician before using it.

3. Proton pump inhibitors
It is probably the most effective treatment. They decrease acid secretion by inhibiting a proton pump that exists in the membrane of stomach cells.

It also manages to inhibit the action of gastrin, histamine and other substances that increase the acidity of the stomach. The best known active substance is omeprazole. And as in the previous cases, it can have side effects and affect the effectiveness of other medications, so it is advisable to consult your pediatrician before taking it.

Other medications have not been tested in children, or are not currently recommended in pediatrics.

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